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    It's been a complete year now that i reached this mark. A month of no PMO and counting. I won't be writing some long essay story to express my experience but i will highlight some points to play my part in inspiring others.
    I joined this website back in march and since then i have seen my ups and down in my struggle. But the most significant thing i noticed is that there was spark inside me rolling up and down sending convincing sounds that this time i will be able to come over this addiction. However saying is easier than done. I relapsed 5-6 times during this period before reaching at this point. I relapsed thrice a day and i became too much horny as i was since in my teenage days. As my current status is single, so i had not much option left then to masturbate and make myself relaxed. Rest is all past. Now what i would like to share with you guys is some points to notice and make them part of your life if you are ambitious to end your PMO.

    1. Never stay alone during the rebooting process.
    First 2-3 weeks are extremely horny and you can relapse in matter of moments. Stay always in company of people. If you live in an independent single room, start sharing it with some company even with some compromises you have to make. This will help you from abstaining the act. Because you just can't open porn while in sitting people and start jerking off lol. So stay in this situation as long as possible till you feel that you are out of danger zone and by danger zone i mean, you have gone through a whole week or month without a single thought of masturbation or porn. Doing this helped me alot.

    2. Flatline. I read it in every post but didn't knew how it felt till the time i had an encountered with it. It makes you extremely lazy and your days become boring. You want to sleep the whole of time and you get the urge to watch porn to exempt your boredom. You have to deal with it and it will eventually fade away varying individual to individual as there is no specific time for it. The way i dealt it was with sleeping (lol it was the fun part), watching movies and seasons, And spending some time with friends and family forcefully, even at those time when i wanted not to.

    3.You will lose the libido. There will be no morning woods after 1.5 weeks and it will make you feel weird. You will fantasize sexiest stuff but no response will come from bottom. Don't get worry about it. It is natural and on positive part it is the sign that you are getting control on your sex urge.

    4.Skin. Your skin complexion will start to improve. Your face will start glowing after two weeks. You're skin will be feeling fresh and their will be no dryness on it. Nowadays people do compliment me about my skin and it gives me confidence.

    5. Stamina. You will see improvement in your stamina and you will not run out of breath while doing some work.

    6. Time. The most important part is time. You will have plenty of time in your life now. You can doing anything. The amount of time you were spending on watching porn is now free and you can do anything with it. So, start doing what will make you feel satisfied..

    This is all i felt and experience during this time. I will be further sharing improvements in this thread and i will keep this streak as far as possible

    Not but not least, thank you nofap community. You guys proved to fortune for me. Without your motivation, i won't be able to achieve all this. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the isnpiring and helpful post mate
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    thank you for sharing
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    thank you so much for sharing!
    Keep going never give up!
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    someone pls give me some nice words today...i am on my edge
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    Hold up! Never give up! It's time to Rise man you can do it

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