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    Check this out:
    A significant postulate of this commentary is that all addictions create, in addition to chemical changes in the brain, anatomical and pathological changes which result in various manifestations of cerebral dysfunction collectively labeled hypofrontal syndromes. In these syndromes, the underlying defect, reduced to its simplest description, is damage to the “braking system” of the brain. They are well known to clinical neuroscientists, especially neurologists and neurosurgeons, for they are also seen with tumors, strokes, and trauma. Indeed, anatomically, loss of these frontal control systems is most apparent following trauma, exemplified by progressive atrophy of the frontal lobes seen in serial MRI scans over time.

    Although the key elements of hypofrontal syndromes—impulsivity, compulsivity, emotional lability, impaired judgment—are well described, much of the process is still unknown. One emerging aspect of these hypofrontal states is their similarity to findings in addictive patients. Addressing hypofrontality, Fowler et al. noted, “studies of addicts show reduced cellular activity in the orbitofrontal cortex, a brain area…[relied upon]…to make strategic, rather than impulsive, decisions. Patients with traumatic injuries to this area of the brain display problems–aggressiveness, poor judgment of future consequences, inability to inhibit inappropriate responses that are similar to those observed in substance abusers.”[8] (emphasis added).

    In 2002, a study on cocaine addiction demonstrated measurable volume loss in several areas of the brain, including the frontal lobes.[9] The study technique was an MRI-based protocol, voxel-based morphometry (VBM), where 1 mm cubes of brain are quantified and compared. Another VBM study was published in 2004 on methamphetamine, with very similar findings.[27] While interesting, these findings may not be surprising to either the scientist or the layperson, as these are “real drugs” used illicitly. Nevertheless, it was noteworthy that addiction could produce measurable, anatomical change in the brain
    Pornography addiction: A neuroscience perspective

    We must quite it, OMG!!!
    I felt the true fear from HELL!
    This is!
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    One more:
    In 2006 world pornography revenue was 97 billion dollars, more than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, and Netflix combined.[14] This is no casual, inconsequential phenomenon, yet there is a tendency to trivialize the possible social and biologic effects of pornography. The sex industry has successfully characterized any objection to pornography as being from the religious/moral perspective; they then dismiss these objections as First Amendment infringements. If pornography addiction is viewed objectively, evidence indicates that it does indeed cause harm in humans with regard to pair-bonding.[2] The correlation (85%) between viewing child pornography and participating in actual sexual relations with children was demonstrated by Bourke and Hernandez.[4] The difficulty in objective peer-reviewed discussion of this topic is again illustrated by the attempted suppression of this data on social grounds.[15] The recent meta-analysis by Hald et al. strongly supports and clarifies previous data demonstrating correlation with regard to pornography inducing violence attitudes against women.[10] With such strong correlative data, it is irresponsible not to address the likely possibility of causation in these regards. Reviewing this data in the context of current usage patterns is particularly concerning; 87% of college age men view pornography, 50% weekly and 20 daily or every other day, with 31% of women viewing as well.[5] The predictive effect of pornography on sexual behavior in adolescents has also been demonstrated.[6]
    This year is 2017: 11 years passed, more addictions. You are not alone, but we - man were in trap for over decades. There is no peace, spiritual and biological war started ahead before we even born. Your soul and mind must against this addiction, otherwise, you might lose your soul one day, and no one realized it.
    Image one day when you lost your soul, and you couldn't even let others aware (it's not your body anymore, you are gone). They thought that you are just sick or disable. They had no way to know!
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    Here are the death example:
    1. Too Much Masturbation Kills 23-Year-Old Chinese Student, Family Loses Lawsuit Versus Sperm Bank (WARNING: SUGGESTIVE VIDEO)
    2. Teen Dies From Heart Attack And Penis Falls Off After Masturbating 56 Times In 24 Hours On Valentine's Day
    3. A 16-year-old boy in Brazil reportedly died after masturbating 42 times without stopping in Rubiato town, in Goiás region.
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  4. scary.... thank you for informing this!
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    How did you guys find this post? I haven't checked here for over 2 years. Moreover, this is the post I did when I was about 100 days. Thanks for stopping by. I wish you having 100 days streak
  7. I have no idea, but it's an awesome post. Thank you, and thanks for the best wishes :) May you continue to succeed in your goals.
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  8. Googling for bad effect of pmo and found your post :)
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    Sounds like Google having all my nofap history!
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    Thanks for stopping by. It's been my honor to meet people under my posts.
    All the best to you

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