You only need one reason to do NoFap (All the motivation you need + URGE PLAN)

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  1. You need one primary motivator to keep you abstinent from fapping and that is


    If you fap, you "may not" be at your full potential. You may not be feeling as good as you could feel. I say, try go 30 days and see how you feel.

    NoFap can make you your best version for the following reasons. Note that these are the reasons that apply most to me. I will provide you some links to read through. I suggest not to just read the headlines but to read the information about it to get a better understanding and increase your motivation.

    Your motivation to do NoFap is your strength and what should keep you on the ball. Its not the be all end all, you need a pre planned urge plan as well. Anyway on with my reasons why NoFap will make me the best version of myself / make me feel my best and why fapping may be at my (and your) detriment. Lets go,

    • Increased energy
    • Increased testosterone
    • Better alertness
    • Reduced brain fog
    • Increased sleep quality
    • Increased confidence
    • Increased happiness
    • Better with women
    • More appreciation and admiration for women. Desire. Attraction. Women are so awsome when I don't fap
    • Higher libido
    • Better erections
    • More enjoyment of the little things in life
    • Greater self control
    • Greater motivation
    Notice how all these things add up to feeling your best and being your best version? Good news is the benefits don't stop there. Go through these links, even if you go through one link a day but I suggest reading every word even since a lot of the benefits are repeated. Its good to read it again in different words and it gets through to the subconscious mind quicker as we learn through repetition.

    Your primary motivators should be

    Feel my best

    Be my best version

    My secondary motivators are


    You need to know your top 3 motivators off by heart for clarity and focus of the mind. Clarity is Power!

    List your 2 secondary motivators in this thread.

    All you need now is a PRE PLANNED URGE PLAN.

    Here are some ideas to get you started. I suggest making your own list and refer to it when you get an urge
    • Read your urge plan and find a diversion
    • Switch your lap top off for an hour
    • Best thing to do is get outside and exercise
    • Walk or bike ride 5-15 minutes or more
    • NoFap YouTube video are acceptable but if it leads to porn cut it from your list
    • NoFap forum is acceptable but if it leads to porn cut it from your list
    • Read through the benefits. Do a google search or go through this thread. Same as above
    • Meditate for 10 minutes
    • Read a chapter of a book
    • Play a game
    • Visit or call someone. You wont want to fap straight after visiting someone
    • Work on something
    • Determine no fapping for 5 minutes no matter what, then say 10 minutes no matter what, an so on
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  2. Wow there are so many amazing benifits of NO PMO. Would that i were known about the benefits of it. Shit i have destroyed the best of mine. But no more i started a streak for a long run and will save myself. I want the best version of me. Thanx for this beautiful article
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  3. What ever your reason is,

    - not to do something im not proud of
    - not to feel guilt, shame, regret
    - more confidence
    - higher self esteem
    - not to have addiction
    - to overcome ED

    What ever it is, its saying two things. 1) Feel better, and 2) Be a better version of yourself

    I'm interested to hear your top 3 motivators for doing NoFap.
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  4. Exploreit101

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    Better appreciate for women.
    More energy
    More enjoyment of the little things

    I should’ve spent more time in this section than the trigger inducing ones. I crumbled this morning after 21 days no P but MO and I’m disappointed. Mostly because it really wasn’t that hard. I just succumbed to things I knew were triggers and didn’t remove myself like I normally do. I let it happen and pile up.

    Searching for a higher purpose after this guilt, not of MO but the guilt of my lack of willpower and desire. I was so close to my 30day NoFap goal. So here we go, time to develop my Urge Plan and fight the endless war.
  5. Chenwani

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    By nofap :
    1. You'll explore more about life
    2. Feel and do every great thing in life
    3. Become more confident
    4. Better & high stamina
    5. Great focus and concentration
    6. Great sensitivity
    7. Better sleep

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