You think woman attraction is real?

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    Today I have been in a really shocking situation for me. I'm on a 14 day of Nofap journey. I went to school today and just sit on a bench in a corridor. I was alone, because I drive to school before anyone else from class. I pick a phone to my hand and just started to check my Facebook, instagram, just basic shit cause I was really boring sitting alone. Then I take a look around me,a few students from other classes was sitting on the same corridor, also waiting for a start of a lesson. After a while my eyes locked on a beautiful girl from 2nd grade (I'm in 3rd grade middle school) and I was in a complete shock, because she just stared at me and keep smiling. I also smile to her but I broke an eye contact first, I'm very shy person, even after 2 weeks without busting a nut my confidence isn't soo huge. I don't used to be in that kind of situations in my life, I was just in panic... I don't looked back again to her, just changed my position and going to other corridor... I know that is not right, I fucked up, broke eye contact first and run away.. I keep thinking about this situation and about attraction from women, is it might be true? Holy shit, I'm so excited. Girl out of my league was smiled to me... When I was in Fap Mode she don't even looked at me...

    Greetings and keep strong out there other Fapstronauts!
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    Good to know. I have noticed that women look at me differently when I don't fap compared to when I do fap. It's so weird. I think women have some godlike perception about people or something.
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    I also don't know the real answer but I think the attraction is real. :) To prove that, here is my story...

    I am into NoFap for more than 1 year and 2 months, at that period of time I attracted more girls than ever before that together.
    Two days ago I found a girlfriend, she is so beautiful and hot. Before starting this journey, I was thinking I would never have a girlfriend and that noone loves me. :confused:
    My first thread on this forum was just complaining about that (I was very miserable)... to put in a nutshell, situation changed a lot since then and here I am. :D
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    Good to know this, wish you luck bro
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  5. I actually got quite some attention lately from girls too LOL. Especially since I let my facial hair grow finnaly...

    But I'm not really needy ,so I kinda ignore them ;). All this nofap thing really grew on me and I'm such a monk now...Got other priorities too.

    Nofap is just godlike !I'm such a different man since I quit Pmo..
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    Yes man attraction is real, eyes are the entry door to the mind. These things will become common when you are on longer streaks. There are times when girls will come to you and talk to you, find a way to get your attention. That's the secret don't think or see womens all the time. Engage yourself in something that will not make you think about women. When they are around you or talking to you be real. Make eye contacts but not too much that might turn you on. Keep your mind positive and free of any rubbish thought and always try to do something creative, or atleast do some pushups and exercise daily, this way your buildup sexual energy will not be wasted through wet dreams.
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