You WILL be tested

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    Almost on a daily basis, I might add. You will be tested by those around you.

    If you're in a relationship, you will be tested.
    If you're thriving to achieve, you will be tested.
    If you're trying to be social, you will be tested.
    No matter what your intention is, you will be tested.

    This is quite normal. What I've noticed lately is that people try to test my patience, more and more. It's almost like they think they're getting the upper hand by doing so. However, if you really pay attention to what's going on, you soon realize that they are projecting a lot of their own insecurities onto you. They can't figure out what your intentions are, so they insult you. You're too difficult to read, so they insult you. They will try everything and anything to get a reaction out of you. As I said in my 60 day success story, these are what I refer to as FUCKBOYS. There are quite a lot of them, because they've been conditioned to be that way by society. Thirsty little Fuckboys settle for what they can get instead of thriving to achieve what they believe they deserve.

    If someone makes an insulting claim, there must be a reason why. Otherwise, they wouldn't make such a claim. This is where learning to read body language, psychology and facial expressions come in handy. I suggest you guys learn about this, because it will be useful when socializing with other people.

    Yes, I get called a lot of names because I walk around like I don't care about anything. Truth is I do care, but I just don't care for a lot of things such as other people's opinions. After all, it's not their opinion that is going to lead me to success. It is my own will power and my own perception of self that will lead me there. Those who are obviously stressed out and defeated by life's demands don't understand the hustle of life. It's going to be difficult, but you can't pretend that you're doing well when you're furiously insulting others around you. It's just common sense. Do you see successful people go around and insult those who are thriving to achieve? Absolutely not. Why not? It's because they're busy "getting it" while those who pretend to get it are lacking the necessary "balls" so to speak to tackle problems so they lash out.

    If you try to harass a gator (or whatever dangerous animal you like), don't be surprised when it snaps and tears your arm off...just saying...
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