Younger Self Thread.

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  1. So. I just watched a musician that I'm following and he posted a video telling his younger self tips on how to produce music. Which I thought was a really good approach and very simple for anyone beginning or intermediate. But if you had the option where you jumped a portal or wall. What would you tell your self exactly 10 years ago, or when you were a young lad or blooming teenager. What would be the tips to make your self have realizations or paradigms.

    1. For my younger teen age self. I would of said... Don't run away from that door that lead you to drop out of collage... You were late to a class. It was math and your worst subject. Once you start from the bottom you will reach the point where your good again. I just finished psychology and I believe my mind played a fight or flight response, due to my nervousness.

    2. Don't make allot of friends. Why I say this is because majority of my buddies have faded away, most regular "girl" friends have stopped communicating. Buddies move away, don't care about anything else but their life's. You'll waste energy on trying to re-connect and save the relationship.

    3. Meditate, pray, focus on health and your own balance towards the world. Don't get whiled up in Celebrities or gossip. Reason why they are so rich in fame is because everybody admires them and they give out their own energy, which they can absorb.

    4. Fuck standards.... I believe this killed my relationship and fun back in HS. I had a huge standard for wanting to date a specific type of woman. I was really into Asians, had allot of Asian buddies and friends. I would go back and tell my self it does not fucking matter. Love comes in all, but greater forms.

    But NoFap Forum what would you tell your self back then? It's never bad to go in the back of your mind and tell your self what you would want. Reflection...