Your best anti-aging advice

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by jorg78, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. jorg78

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    I would like to hear about your anti-aging routine, if you have any?

    For example: Supplements? Anti-aging creams etc..
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  2. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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  3. NoFap. Seriously. In QiGong theory, the man loses his life force everytime he ejaculates (and some say, even aroused). The whole point of QiGong (inspite of what the trendies think) is longevity by preserving this life force and then training it to nourish the body and keep it young and strong.
  4. Gota

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    I would say regular exercising.
  5. Jen@8675309

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    Try to limit exposure to the sun and follow a healthy diet.
  6. Dr. Jekyll

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    Intermittent fasting.
  7. Cognac

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    Every time you get a new girlfriend make sure she's younger than the last one. If you do that you'll live forever.
  8. pezzer

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    My Uncle's 70 and he runs every morning with his dog around this lake, its about a 20 min run and he stops intermittently to do push ups or whatnot. And he's as fit as a fiddle, + he and his spouse eat pretty healthily, they fast on Mondays too i believe. So, as a living example i have to agree with you, regular exercise seems to play a key role in maintaining youthfulness
  9. Temujin

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    Look up the fasting mimicking diet

    Also the regular exercise thing is incredible. My ex had a great grandma that was ancient but who was perfectly healthy and took no medication. Has always gone on a couple of hours hike everyday of her life. Seemed like she would go on forever
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  10. So by the time you are like 90 years old, the new gf should be 2 years old? :rolleyes:
  11. Cognac

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    Lmao! They should generally be out of highschool. 18 is a good starting point to go from loool
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  12. Yeah, but why If they skipped a grade or two? :p
    Just kidding! :D
  13. jorg78

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    Så eat only in a 8-hour period?
  14. Angelos

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    Don't eat meat and bread.

    Only eat fish, vegetable and fruit. Frapping doesn't help either, so no flap and do not have a temper. Sleep plenty, and if you can twice a day. Eat less rather than more but do not go on a diet, this is just your life plan.
  15. Uncultivated

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    Age is the product of tension, physical emotional mental and spiritual. The release of tension and stress is accomplished through many means, but the most effective for me is and has been meditation, immobile and yoga, with and without mantras and affirmations.
  16. Also you don't have to eat fish :) Besides fish is meat too.
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  17. ivanhoe

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    Fish is extremely healthy. And it is not meat.
  18. Exept it IS meat :) It's definitely not a fruit or a vegetable :p And the thing that makes the fish healthy, comes from the plants in the sea, it's even healthier to eat sea-plants instead of fish. Then you will also avoid the bad stuff in fish such as those bad heavy metals.
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  19. ivanhoe

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    I don't know where you are from but in most western countries fish is not considered meat it is considered different, which is why, for example Christian and Jewish dietary laws do not restrict it where meat is prohibited.

    I agree there can be toxins in fish - but also good stuff you cannot get from any plant.
  20. In most western countries (yes I'm also from that part of the world you little geo-snob :p Not the conservative western countries but the more modern) we don't just claim something to be true without presenting a source. What good stuff from fish are not to be found in any plants? Can you be specific? Because if you can, then I'm 100% sure that i can find that "stuff" in eatable plants. :)
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