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    could you please give me an example how this books worked for you?
  2. - 1 day fast/ week
    -block blue light at night
    -diet / sulforaphane
  3. Take green coconut water early in morning, take 3 cups of green tea( suger free), go vegan, do yoga and be greatful.
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    I found this JM book in my mother bookshelves. I read first 35 pages to see what it is about. Basicly it celebrates faith, this point is ok. I think there is too much of promises for people reading at the start, so easy to become disapointed. I am going to keep reading. If I found I rule that works for me for better changes in my life am happy.
  5. Those books no more than old witchcraft and magic techniques sold as a "self-help" movement. Anyone who afraid from God should stay away from those books.

    They burn well at least, I tested. ;)
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    Here is the routine if you following you will not get old earlier.

    Do not smoke & Consume alcohol

    Eat healthy food

    Eat fiber rich foods

    Drink at least 2 liter water in a day.

    Eat less sugar

    Go for 15 minute walk every morning

    Make a facial massage with skin care products.

    Get sleep over the night

    Eat Protein

    Try to manage your stress
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    Die young. You will always stay the age you died so, forever young.

    Being more serious, I think certain nuts have anti-lpjvdwob that helps with anti-aging, also avocado.
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    Change the linear view of time the notion of "anti" aging is based on. Appreciating everything is cyclic would potentially prompt one to understand that things have a window of opportunity in timing process interaction, including body processes which informs health.
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    Sardines everyday.
    Avocado nearly every day.
    Excercise nearly every day.
    Cold showers.
    Supplements :
    Vit d
    Krill oil.

    I am 40 but everyone thinks i am btwn 23 and 31.
    Not sure if is my genes or my daily routine.
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    1) low intensity cardio, 20min - 1 hour per day
    2) No smoking and no alcohol
    3) Take NMN pills + Resveratrol everyday
    4) Take a multi-vitamins + Greens pills or in powder everyday
    5) Lots of water + lots of sleep
  11. Fenix Rising

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    1. Sleeping 7-9 hours a day (between 11 pm and 2 am)
    2. Stretching -> The Five Tibetan Rites + Sun Salutation (surya namaskar) after waking up
    3. Cold shower for 8 minutes after stretching
    4. Drinking 0.5L of sugar free lemonade in the morning and 3L of fresh water during the day
    5. Exercise -> walking, running, cycling or swimming outside 5 times a week plus 3 free weight lifting sessions incl. full body stretching per week
    6. Supplements -> Omega 3 (large spoon of fish oil), Vitamin B complex, Zn and Mg (+ Ca from cow milk, K from bananas and at least 3 different fruits a day)
    7. Pranayama or Wim Hof breathing at least once a day and praying

    We all age and die eventually, there is no way around it. For me "anti-aging" is more about staying fit so we hopefully don't become a burden to ourselves and the people close to us.
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    My Journal
    1. staying on nofap, i find i have lots of energy,
    2.limit the summer sun exposure, the rays wear down your skin
    3.stress management, stress breaks down your body an skin an mind, stress is as harmful as smoking cigarrettes
    3. dont smoke tabacco,
    4.i just wash my face with normal water, warm/ hot water well open your pours making your pores more acceptable to filth, use cold
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  13. Tams1er

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    Hi, I just try to eat healthily, to have an active way of living, and be always happy.

  14. Sounds like you've got it down man right now.
    Google dr. David Sinclair. Hes a Harvard researcher..same thing looks at least 10 years younger than he is. Check out his routine if you're interested in mixing things up
  15. Stragler

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    1. Retinol cream at night
    2. Intermittent fasting
    3. Nofap
    4. Diet of nuts, veggies, brown rice and fruit. Limit meat 1 or 2 days per week.
    5. Exercise
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    Get your blood work done. See where your testosterone levels are at. If they are low your doctor may prescribe Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Also check kidney and liver enzymes, creatinine levels, cholesterol, etc. This is the only way to get an indication of what is going on with your body.
    Then, take it from there....
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    Is this a joke? What is the logic in this?
  18. Don't eat anything that comes out of a box or a can. Wear sunscreen every day. Cut back on alcohol and sugar intake.
  19. It's mostly a joke with elements of truth in it
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    Never lose the excitement for learning new things

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