Your brain will pay tricks

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by keepitreal-88, Sep 7, 2015.

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    I've been noticing this in my self tonight, my brain is coming up with ideas as to why I should watch some porn and why it wouldn't be so bad. Its saying, "I'm bored, I wonder what kind of reaction I'll get from watching porn after so long, I've been good, it will be OK if I just watch one, it won't hurt if I PMO once as long as I don't binge."

    Remember this is just your addiction trying to pull you back. Watching once video will certainly lead to escalation and before I know it it'll' be 2-3 days and 5-10 PMOs later and I'll be right back where I started. Don't even consider it.

    Your brain will play tricks and come up with any excuse, know it for what it is, don't even take the first step to relapse. Remember what you started this for and remember that PMO is an escape and the easy way out. A way to comfort yourself and take the pain away. We are not little boys any more we are men.
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    Subconscious trying to make decisions in lieu of reality... "yeah... it's ok... just a little peek at some _____. I wonder how a ______ woman would ______?" You fill in the blanks. That's when you pull out the big trump card that has "HELL NO" written on it. We don't go there, we don't let our thoughts take over! A great post on how the brain takes over and tries to convince you to do exactly what you don't want to. No logic will suffice, cause it's illogical... only the trump card.
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    It's like when you're doing exercise: let's say you're running and after some time your legs start hurting, you start breathing heavy etc. That voice in your head saying "stop now, you've done enough" that voice is your weak part trying to get over your will power. Ignore it, and live free
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    For me it's an example of how irrational our brain functions. When you think it through or especially when you write it down you can apply logic and identify nonsense. It is crucial that we learn again to go through this process of reality-check and decision-making instead of just follow the carrot.
    You'll find out that you don't need to satisfy your curiosity or don't go where the triggers are.
    However you can't reason the urges way. That's the hardest part. All the sex-driven thoughts that you developed through your "pmo-career" reappear and haunt you. We must establish a majority of good thoughts and expulse the extremists from parliament. But even after that, we'll have to suffer them in opposition for years ;)

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