Your choice to let the primal layer remain static

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    When you have thoughts, see images on a screen, or see people in real life(for readers here mostly women) causing distracting thoughts, that can be seen as one single layer of actions on its own. This is the most primal layer.

    The next layer is more advanced, it are the thoughts or actions that you base on the input that you just got. This can be several options, most men will have some séxual or romantic oriented thoughts as a result of this. For those who are used to frequent pr0n use it is more severe, there can be objectifying thoughts every time. The other end of the spectrum is to have learned to think about something entirely different when you get such a distracting thing you see or think, as a better way to go with it.

    There is however a more efficient method for this. You don’t necessarily need to have the second layer of thoughts after the first one. You can have it seperate. So when you are seeing or thinking about something arousing, or other non-séxual thoughts related to the opposite gender, or the one of your preference, it can remain that event without further distractions. Even when it already instantly gives some physical arousal. You have to view and accept that that first primal instinctual layer can be something on it’s own, without the next layer of further actions or thoughts. It is up to you.
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