your favourite asian country??

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    if you get an opportunity to visit an 'asian' country, which country would you choose? also mention why you choose it
  2. Milhouse Van Houten

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    Iraq because I want to get stoned in a way that marijuana can't achieve.
  3. Japan. As a mechanic speciallizing in japanese vehicles, id love to see the country they come from. Asian women are hott btw. Lol
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  4. I second Japan because the women there are both hot and, with the state of most asian men, desperate. ;)
  5. Hmm, i like youre thinking. Lol. A tall good looking white guy as myself may fare just well in japan lol.
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  6. China I am fond of its technology
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  7. FX-05

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    Guess it's three of us now lmao :v so, besides its women, I'd like to see how the drifting/JDM scene is all about, since just about nothing of the bullcrap shown in F&F Tokio Drift is true:

    Either that or Tibet, since I'm into buddhism myself (even though it's almost impossible as the chinese government is tyrannic af).
  8. jarvyjarvison

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    North Korea cuz it's super cool.
  9. Yea if def love to go for the car culture. Ive been into the japanese car scene since my first car at 16. Im 30 now. Itd be interesting to see the differences in the usdm vs jdm scene
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  10. onceaking

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    A friend of mine lived in Japan and hated it. For some western people the Japanese culture is really hard to adapt to. Also, a women may be hot but they can be real bitchy. My two ex's were Asian and they turned out to be real bitches. I can't see myself dating an Asian woman ever again.
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  11. Hmm interesting. They cant all be bad. Either way, id just want to try sex with them lol. Id already lost many of loads to asians through pmo, so might as well try the real thing. Then id come back home.
  12. onceaking

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    It's actually hard to choose. A few years ago I would have said Indonesia or Philippines because I used to have girlfriends from those countries but they turned into real bitches so I'd want to avoid such countries. Maybe Singapore. Quite a clean and well run city. Although there's a risk I might bump into a family member if I went there. Many in the Asian side of the family hate us so it might a bit unpleasant if I met one of them... My family aren't Singaporean but some go there on business... Really no other country in Asia appeals to me... Maybe Japan but I think I'll struggle to adapt to the culture there and maybe Hong Kong but there so much trouble in HK right now.
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  13. onceaking

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    If you want just sex it might be alright but a relationship will be extremely tough. I'm quarter Asian myself but I still struggled with their culture.
  14. MLMVSS

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    It’ll be cool to explore in Siberia.
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  15. KS1994

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    Singapore. Harmonious, well-run and more criminal charges than you can swing a noose at.
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  16. I'm ashamed to admit that I never traveled outside of Europe. When I get to fix that my first trip will be to China. I'd love to see Xian, Shanghai, Beijing... I hear the population is really young and that it's impossible to be bored at night in Chinese cities. The second would be to the Middle East - Emirates, Israel and perhaps Saudi Arabia which started issuing tourist visas just recently.
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  17. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

    I did think of that too but the conflict between the North and the South is off putting. I know someone who went there and he said it was like going to a different planet.
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  18. Japan because of the music scene & the Kowloon walled city arcade.
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