Your human, relapse is normal?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. skaterdrew

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    I read about that on YBOP that we're only human and relapse is normal. I have also heard other youtubers talk about that.

    We're sexual creatures and have unlimited sexual stimulation in front of us. Relapse is very normal and common. I'm not saying using porn is normal, but it is extremely common in these times.

    I feel the approach of completely beating your self up and getting depressed when you relapse isn't a good approach. Treating it like you have done something completely abnormal.

    The more down you get about something, the worse you feel, the more stressed out you get, and then this can actually in fact cause relapse.

    Yeah I'm just not in to this beating your self up approach, or thinking you have done something that is abnormal or uncommon.

    I'm at the point now with this where I am thinking I will try and do what I can do and stay away from it. But having my entire life revolve around it to the point I am thinking about it when I wake up until I go to sleep. Yeah I feel like I am kind of done with caring so much about this shit.
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  2. Di.Do.555

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    Please define relapse.
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  3. skaterdrew

    skaterdrew Fapstronaut

    It's different for everyone. For me relapse is if I deliberately masturbate to artificial sexual stimulation.
  4. NamaClature14

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    Exactly. & contrary to the intention of beating yourself up and being hard on yourself, it actually leads to one having more shame, more duality in their behavior and then a subconscious deepening of the want to look at porn again.
    How? Part of porns allure is that it is hidden, it is secret and it is rooted in shame. Porn we have to remember is a symptom of something deeper. It is a secret that we can control and use to distract us from something deeper that we are trying not to look at and face and it is always without fail rooted in shame and self criticism in general.
    Hold the responsibility but leave the shame is what I say.
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  5. It's TIME to STOPPP

    It's TIME to STOPPP Fapstronaut

    we are human, yes. But in nofap we are doing the "inhuman", which means we go against the force of nature, the force of sexual related things
  6. skaterdrew

    skaterdrew Fapstronaut

    Yeah that's quite a good way you have put that. It's quite an inhuman thing that's being expected of us.

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