Your Mind is a Monastery

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by BuddhaPunkRobotMonk, Mar 21, 2015.

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    Your mind is a monastery. Naked women (or men) don't come into monasteries. If they do come in, they come dressed soberly. Monks don't see these women and immediately go to the nearest latrine, pull up their robes, and fap one off. Neither should you. No, they respect these women, treat them as humans. The only female (or male) images you should let into your mind should be soberly dressed and contemplated with some degree of respect. Don't let any naked women into your mind!

    How do you do this? Well, first you obviously need to cut off the porn and porn substitutes. Second, you must stop checking out women. When you meet a woman on the road or at school, don't undress her in your mind. If you can't look at her without undressing her in your mind, then don't look at her at all! When you see pictures of women on billboards and on tv or in magazines, don't imagine what they would look like naked. You must stop fantasizing. The only women proper for your thoughts and your mind's eye are ones fully clothed.

    Third, if a naked woman does enter your mind, pay no attention. Do not focus your mind's eye on her. Ignore her, and she will leave. Give her the cold shoulder, tell her she is not wanted, show your disapproval by not paying attention to her. Meditating is good for this. When a naked woman enters your mind, just go into yourself and focus on your breath, and she will soon leave. Do not greet her by dwelling on her image! She will preen herself, and writhe about and try to get you to fap.

    Fantasizing about naked women is as dangerous as porn. The mind is the true battlefield in PMO addiction. And yet we act like just preventing ourselves from fapping is the goal. It's much more than that!

    Thinking of naked women is a mental relapse. We need to start treating it as such. Fantasizing provides the same rush of dopamine,the same irresistible urge to fap. So to prevent us from fapping, we need to treat our minds as sacred spaces, and to prevent naked women from entering them!

    So stop relapsing mentally every day and start cleaning out your mind! After all, if temptation never enters your mind, then there is no likely chance you will relapse.
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    I love your analogy. Thanks for the story and motivation.
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    Great post, i completly agree on the mental relapse thing, that is the final stage of the battle

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