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  1. I'm approximately on day 70 of no PMO - my longest streak since the beginning of my addiction. I don't feel any difference yet. What am I suppose to experience by now? Is no benefits until now normal?
  2. SickSicko

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    What sort of beneficts did you expect? You feel no difference whatsoever in terms of mood etc?

    Maybe you have something going on that needs to be addressed other than pmo, but that maybe be connected to the reason you indulge on pmo, or used to.
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    What are you doing to better yourself? What happens for you during the week? Do you improve your body, mind, spirit in any way? Do you read a lot? Do you study a lot?
    Do you go to the gym a lot?

    It really depends what you are doing with yourself in order to feel those benefits. You won't feel anything if you just sit and do nothing.
    Not biting just saying. I don't know your life so don't take it personal.
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    I'm at approximately the same time as you with my no PMO journey and have noticed subtle changes over time. I noticed over time I'm more outgoing, more social, in a better mood, spending less time in front of screens, eating better, workouts are better, and doing more constructive things with my time. It's not like I reached day 30 and woke up that day and was in a better mood. It occurred over time. I would encourage you to try and look back at your life 70 days ago and see if any of those changes occurred over time and you just may not have been aware they were happening.
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    Journaling helps to notice subtle changes in overall mood and behaviour. Like @I_Am_Strong_54 said, it doesn't happen over night and sometimes you might not be aware of your improvements.
    What you'll get out of this however, strongly depends on where you were at before you started your streak, what your expectations were, how you approach it (do you do anything else to support the reboot, like meditation, sports, socializin) or are you maybe just shifting your addiction to other detrimental behaviours?

    For me the biggest benefit of getting rid of an addiction is simply not being addicted anymore. Because that opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

    If your life wasn't too much affected by your pmo habits and now you're doing this reboot but girls and money don't knock on your door and your biceps and dick haven't increased in size... your doing it all wrong!!! :p

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