Your personal experience of short and long-term effects of a Relapse cycle in life?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Unjustfailure, Aug 23, 2017.

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    what are your experience short and long-term effects of experience of a Relapse cycle in your life?

    After a relapse usually I'm not good for anything
    I mean I can talk or act like a normal person but I can barely concentrate or be able to express myself in the way I want to...
    It's like mentally I've muted and numbed myself to the point that it doesn't matter any more where or when I am.
    It's really interesting that the opposite happens when I'm (actually) having sex with another person (I'm having a hard time remembering when was that... lol )

    And when I am out I'll avoid eye contact quite often especially with a female.
    Ill talk a lot but with no substance..
    The usual mistakes I do as far or concerns "social skills"I'll repeat then also.
    Getting one digit after the other but without ever call or getting a reply since I don't the appropriate reflecting energy...
    Not even having a strategy or focus to someone specific (which is turn off to anyone anyway).

    I used to run for 10 miles every day some years ago..I haven't really exercised for a while now...
    But even so if I try to run after a relapse I feel like I need to take a break.

    Heavy brain fog as you can see...
    Depending on how many times I've relapsed, it will take hours to a a couple of days to recover on the 1st level of clarity like the life of an isotope :p
    The more I abstain the more focused I get..
    Of there are urges but if you avoid them they are just momentarily whereas brain fog it's like a avalanche.
    Hope about you?
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    @Unjustfailure You've just describes my symptoms and, of course, many other people's symptoms. After a relapse, apart from depression and unhappiness, when I get out of the house I feel like a walking cardboard poster. On the outside I look exactly like everyone else, but inside I feel empty and devoid of any substance.

    It can take days or even weeks to recover from a relapse, because PMO is a shock for our organism, both physically and morally. After a relapse it's good to allow our body to recover for at least 1 week, then we can start exercising, at first in a moderate manner, then more intensely.

    PMO is a curse, there is absolutely nothing good about it whatsoever, that's why we have to quit it forever. When an addict has to choose between his addiction and happiness, the hardest thing for him to do is to choose happiness. But addiction means death of the body and soul while still alive, so we have to choose happiness.
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    I feel a lot of the same effects you guys mentioned. I become very irritable and have absolutely no desire to be around other people or even do much of anything at all. The things I was interested in before the relapse (music, rock climbing, reading) no longer give me any pleasure and I instead turn to mindless internet browsing instead.

    It's hard to make eye contact with people and I feel very self-conscious and uncoordinated. These effects usually last a couple days to a week, but they can carry on into the longer-term...
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