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  1. If you are struggling to get a girl, you are struggling for the wrong things.

    Struggle to get a hard mode reboot and build up your career or income.

    Get in shape through diet and exercise. Quit video games.

    If you struggle in the hard mode reboot, all these things start to happen for you.

    The woman problem solves itself after that.

    You are worrying and upset about things that won't be a problem later.
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  2. Ghost79

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    I don't think it would help much with my problem. Can clarify why you think that?
  3. silex_jedi

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    it was for me. off topic conversation sorry.
  4. im_done

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    Lol I love prequel memes.
    Knowing where I stood in life helped me the most. Monsters, demons, and brutes don't get fairytale endings. The sooner I realized that, the sooner I found other avenues to get through life.
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  5. magisk789

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    it doesn't solve if you have a serious problem like mine. unless if the girl is as dumb as a rock and doesn't give a single flying about genetics , unfortunately the problem is always there.
  6. Yes you can improve but you must be willing to suffer.

    Trust in the process, put in the work.

    The best thing that a guy can do for himself is to forget all the old
    information and ideas, they don't help anymore.

    You have to do this according to other people's ways.

    You have to make the decision that your thinking is bad.

    All of our thinking is bad, as addicts.

    We thrashed our brains over and over with dopamine.

    You think that doesn't come with a cost?

    So the solution is to realize that like an injured person, you need recovery.

    The injured person goes to the doctor, and does what the doctor says.

    Likewise, the people here are telling you that you need a hard mode reboot.

    This site, these people and these resources are your cure.
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  7. Yes because when you are in a hard mode reboot, you are going to suffer.

    It's healthy suffering. Your brain is healing.

    In this process, everything you need to succeed is going to be there.

    Confidence, improved fitness, improved intelligence, discipline...

    I mean, there are just so many benefits. Maybe hundreds or more.

    Your main problem is your self-esteem.

    Because of the discipline you build in the hard mode reboot, you will have
    tangible milestones of achievement.

    To have confidence, you must have tangible achievement.

    But you have to work and suffer for these things.

    You'll do it.

    I did it, man did it turn me around!

    Better than the Hokey Pokey...
  8. im_done

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    Oh by the way to answer your meme, I have achieved an intimidating aura by...
    - Having dark skin
    - Being a larger than average person
    - Not shaving
    - Having a neanderthalic brow ridge
    - Mainting a neutral expression
    - Having misaligned teeth that appear shark-like
    (Others have made this observation, not me)
    - Staying silent
    - Not receptive to communication unless I have to or want to

    Study this, Padawan, and you too will be seen as a menace.
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  9. Legacy of Lost Soul

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    Im just a wreck inside. It shows when in relationships, other ppl do not have any idea. Its possibly caused by childhood trauma, lots of beating and agression at my home took place.

    I can get a woman..but I cant keep em. Max one year.. so its a cycle of loneliness..

    Im also alternative, dont enjoy living classic 9/5 mortgage life. Im also scared of having kids. And Im too used to live single, so even idea of living with someone on a daily basis gives me anxiety...
  10. depeche69

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    That's my question. If you sit at work and you co-worker ask you "Hey buddy, why are you so long single?"
    What will you answer? Not answering or rude answer is a sign, that you are nervous and you try to hide something.
  11. depeche69

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  12. GodWithin

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    The fuck is this shit? Women ain't stars to appear. LOOK FOR RIGHT PERSON WITHIN YOURSELF and you will attract the right one. Even tho... There is no RIGHT one. Cause everyone wants to find the right one but nobody wants to BE the right one. Smh.
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  13. depeche69

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    Your reaction got me a good laugh :D
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  14. Upwards2020

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    ADHD , unemployed, long-term hermit maybe 10 years .

    Been in and out of work for the past 3 .
    Drifted apart from big group of friends 6-12 years. Made new friends in job 3 years .

    Left work and don't stretch myself socially . Been years now. Besides any work taken on no social life outside of a job been that way for about 8 of 10 years .

    Habits are hard to break. And the concept of meeting new people or trying to isn't a bit motivation of mine . I had a big group of freinds which took years of socialising . When we all moved on with our lives and i moved halfway across the country I was quite content to do my own thing , a few periodic blips with a couple women but kept was short lived i would be more than likely moving again. Always moving . Financial circumstances or employment circumstances. Over the years never settled .

    Glad to be moving for the final time in a matter of months and settle . Looking forward to that .

    Longstory short its complicated and it's just me

    And let's be honest you don't meet people in the grocery store or filling station .

    Pretty much just live my life doing my thing . But at the same time don't stretch myself too far and for good reason
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  15. Houseonsea

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    You shuold learn to lead this boat , you can learn , all the people unlike and poor are in a boat , you can be the captain of your boat ,bye
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  16. silex_jedi

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    that's the point of me being here. :)
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    Exactly, so if someone works remotely and goes outside only to buy grocery then there is no way to get friends.
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