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  1. Mr. McMarty

    Mr. McMarty Fapstronaut

    I didn't grow up in the church but I did around strong women. I always has a desire for sex even from a young age. Like 7 or 8 its the way God made me and I have to accept that......
  2. Mr. McMarty

    Mr. McMarty Fapstronaut

    I wanna make an excellent report tonight, I went to top golf and played a couple of rounds with some friends. There were young women everywhere in tight shorts, lots of legs everywhere you look. But god has changed my mind in these last 22 days. I did not look at a single woman with lust in my heart, nothing but genuine respect. I want to give thanks and Glory to god who is given me a new mind and I want to say thank you to NoFap for a place to share my faith. I never thought that I could be in a place like this. I am very happy.
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  3. Mr. McMarty

    Mr. McMarty Fapstronaut

    Has God protected you even in sin? I know he has me. I was involved in HCP most of my life have I binged a few times, yes but it was not a regular occurrence. Would I do it two or three times a day? Sometimes. Did i have a prob with M,? No. Did I get far off into really sick P? not compared to what I have seen here in NoFap. Can I share the gospel and fill my heart with the Lord and still use P? NO Way! Why..........????? I have only the Lord to thank I am no better any anyone else? Has the Lord Protected you??
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  4. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    There was a time when I walked far from Christ. Lost myself away from the 99, as it were. I have a similar experience as to yours. I credit my baptism and attendant blessings with this. Despite my distance from God, I very much feel that there was a shield around me, preserving me for a future day. I've had children now and honored my marriage, so I hope it was worth the guardian angels. Yes, that even goes into details like what kinds of indulgence my addiction carried me to. My flesh has always been very weak. But, it's like there was a way to escape with lesser evils.

    Personally, I think people these days are nowhere near as cognizant as they ought to be about both good and definitely evil spirits. And, remembering the Legion of evils that were allowed to possess swine, God does seem to have degrees of allowance for even the evil ones. Even when we were overcome by evil, a way to survive and live to fight another day. And, look, it's working for many of us. Who an I to question the ways of God?

    I'm not big into tears. But my family was reading in the New Testament about the time Jesus spent in Gethsemane and my voice cracked and my mind was aware of the reality of that experience Jesus went through for us, my soul flush with empathy. We can feel the Spirit and become closer to God as we study the Word. This can protect us from future evils. I am grateful to have had those experiences and to also know what to look for, even though I'm sure much of what God does for me goes unnoticed due to my relative immaturity.
  5. Krefio

    Krefio Fapstronaut

    Yo nací en una familia cristiana. Pero entren en contacto con la pornografía y el sexo a una edad muy temprana, 6 o 7 años.
    No conocí en realidad a Cristo sino hasta hace 7 años. Me hizo consciente de mi pecado pero he estado luchando todo este tiempo solo. Ha sido dificil y reconozco que no luché de verdad contra el pecado. Tengo novia y quiero mirarla con amor.

    Mi objetivo es dejar la pornografía antes de casarme. Y no es opcional.
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  6. Mr. McMarty

    Mr. McMarty Fapstronaut

    Sí, eso es muy sabio. La pornografía dañará tu relación si amas a tu esposa. Para mí, alentar a otras personas y compartir el evangelio en los grupos cristianos fue clave.
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  7. miXhal

    miXhal Fapstronaut

  8. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    @Mr. McMarty Suggestion: let's invite people to this thread with a specific link, to share their story, their testimony. Opportunities to openly express faith are sometimes rare and will no doubt be appreciated by many more.
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  9. Mr. McMarty

    Mr. McMarty Fapstronaut

    You mean outside of the group? Im up for anything that NoFap will allow. How shall we do it?
  10. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    My thought was something like: when we already see someone bringing up God, as a Christian, to encourage them to share their story here via link. To know that they can read other posts and not be alone, and to remember their own spiritual experience with the power Jesus gives us to overcome the world.
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  11. Mr. McMarty

    Mr. McMarty Fapstronaut

    Yes great, Im gonna see if i can just add it to my signature so its always there, in fact ill just change my sig.
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  12. Mr. McMarty

    Mr. McMarty Fapstronaut

    Share your story of how God has changed your life with us HERE!

    You could add this to your sig. perhaps ill advertise it on our site.
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    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    I was a young student for my associate's degree, lonely heartbroken and horny and tempted and broken desperate weaken by the PMO. I met this African 30-40 something man and we used to share some laugh at the kitchen. One day he asked me if I went to the church (there was a church right next to the dorms). I said "no, I have too much work", he laughed and asked if I believed in Jesus. I said "yes" to be polite and then I replied "Jesus loves me" (so it's OK if I don't go to church). Later on, I sent him on Facebook "I want to be rich". He replied "you will be by the grace of God". Then almost just out of greed I searched on the internet "grace of God" and I found video sermons and one of pastor Joseph Prince that was about the blood of Jesus and the meaning of the cross. That moment in my dorm room of 9 square meters, I heard, understood and TRUSTED the good news, the gospel of salvation the first time and I got tears in my eyes. Jesus took my punishment for ALL my sins on my behalf ! That was a great relief amid of all this worldly depressive chaos, I developped a gratitude for God since then and realized the love that connects me and Him forever is the most important amazing thing. I also watched Robert Breaker's teachings especially one where he proves by God's word that we are eternally saved by faith only today and not by works lest any man should boast. That was relieving and clarifying and I thirsted for more and more Christian rightly divided clear liberating TRUTH. So today, it's been like 3 years I'm saved on my way to Heaven by the grace of God. I tried to evangelize a few times but right now I'm kinda healing and following Christ on my own conscience, still discovering the wonders of life despite the temporary devilish interferences.
  14. green_frog

    green_frog Fapstronaut

    Here you go:
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  15. Bob385

    Bob385 Fapstronaut

    Hi Green Frog,
    Did you get others to pray for your deliverance, or did you do that yourself?
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  16. green_frog

    green_frog Fapstronaut

    @Bob385 :
    I prayed myself. Others prayed for me, too.

    However, in an attempt to keep that real:
    I kind of just relapsed. "Kind of", because during nighttime I had urges/fantasies.

    I didn't act on them, until at one point I pressed my legs together and apparently must have O'ed from that.

    Unsure what to make off that.

    On one hand it's embarrassing considered what I've posted earlier.

    On the other hand:
    I know what to avoid in the future. And I've had worse ways of relapsing. I didn't act out anything. Doesn't sound like much, but still. One step at a time.
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  17. miXhal

    miXhal Fapstronaut

    I assure you, that is alright. That could as well be taken as a good sign, because it came naturally (through a wet dream), not through your action. I experience similar things from time to time ever since I am free of PMO addiction (I think it´s about every 2-4 weeks). Sometimes there is an ugly dream with P things from the past, sometimes nothing, but it´s always that I kind of wake up and O without really knowing what I am doing. This way it´s fine. No need to worry excessively about it!

    I wish you to become great saint one day! Keep it up!
  18. green_frog

    green_frog Fapstronaut

    @miXhal :
    Thank you! I'll watch out for that phenomenon. We'll see :)
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  19. Bob385

    Bob385 Fapstronaut


    I found when I am alert to the fact the enemy is out there trying to undermine and destroy our integrity, then I am also aware he will do so through feelings of guilt and shame. However, often I give in to my feelings of guilt and shame by doubting God's love for me and thereby allowing the enemy a foothold.

    The enemy sometimes attacks me through a wet dream; then I feel dirty when I am fully awake. Any guilt and shame has to be handed to God there and then so it doesn't linger. I try to start my day with a clear conscience, although it's a struggle at times shaking off negative emotions.
  20. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    Honestly this post was awesome. It’s HOW God figures out how to protect us while “in sin” that is so awesome about who He is.

    Yes. I have the same problem accepting that God Can do so, and that He does... but he has done it with me so often I am relieved to be embarrassed by my mistaken belief about having to be pure to be Loved, protected. The truth is that God loves and protects without strings.

    I didn’t know that until I dared to rebel though.
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