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Your thoughts about The Indian Brain Drain.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Resilience personified, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. A part of me thinks that it is not a big deal... a lot of people are just making a hill out of mustard seeds... I mean a person who is working hard/studying hard deserves a better lifestyle, salary etc. BUT another part of me says that I WILL NOT go outside and work for other countries I will serve my motherland till my last breath... I won't be a traitor. This side of me is the Patriotic side. So I wanna know what various other people think about it.
    Note: Just because the title contains the word 'Indian' that does not mean people from other nationality can't reply.... just telling.
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  2. SethLCU

    SethLCU Fapstronaut

    Used to think this way but most people who do very well do return home since having studied in prestigious or competitive school abroad will greatly help them in their native countries and give them opportunities they wouldn’t have elsewhere, as for the rest those who do just ok or the non-intellectuals if they are going to be exploited anyways what does it matter who does the exploitation? Better to stay where there is the most social reforms and your kids have a chance to do better than you.
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  3. Well, as a foreigner I thought Brazil was a great country because it is more developed than India and also it has NEYMAR JR.
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  4. I'm from Finland which is highly developed country, yet I'm not patriotic at all. It does have high education, yet it sucks out all enterpreuniar spirit and thus I'll be moving to Dallas Texas in 4 years(also has mandatory army of 1 year(other countries have longer tho)).
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  5. Dude Finland is the happiest country in the world!
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  6. For average person this is so true! Yet for enterpreuneur it's a hellhole(high taxes(lemme give you those))! Also has the highest suicide rate in world.
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  7. WHAT?! Why do people call it the happiest country then?
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  8. Invidual income tax: 22.8% - 47.7%
    Corporate income tax: 20%
    Highly unionized(same problems as in India(little less tho)).
    Value added tax 24%.

    Yet country is too leftish for any future as business person IMO. I rather now go to Texas where you can really compete with most of the world(like China).
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  9. Because all the sad people keep killing themselves.
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  10. Makes sense.
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  11. Japan is actually leading in suicide rates, but Finland still gets silver.
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  12. I would not myself remain in India, since it's country where leaders masturbate upon regulations, but academic career could still remain in that country(business is hard in India). Ah sorry speaked too straight(my bad).
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  13. I just mean that they really like those regulations in India and that makes business hard.
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  14. Straight fax no print.
  15. In India the most patriotic thing you can do: leave the country, become succesful political changer or become educator.
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  16. I don't really care about the business in India for two reasons:
    1) I am not interested in becoming a businessman at all.
    2) It's for the PM to worry about.
  17. Well... I won't agree on THAT.
    The most patriotic thing that can be done is joining the army especially Para SF regiment. Just search India Para SF on Google and you will realise what I am TALKING about.
  18. What you want then(actually didn't think you would become businessman(little bit overhyped professions to be honest))?
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  19. I am thinking of becoming a Biochemist or Judge. If thinks go well my first priority will be Biochemist.
  20. Agreed fighting the Chinese is actually really f*cking patriotic. And India has change of winning also.
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