your Unit is not the only thing that goes limp with PMO

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Aug 1, 2017.

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    its basically self hate.. All fetishes are just insecurities within oneself . Pmo to these fetishes is a form of overcoming these insecurities ,through self hate ,ie .through temporary destruction , rather than becoming stronger and overcoming them and turning insecurity into strength . As time goes by these insecurities reach a tipping point and so does your body because of pmo .
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    I don't try to force my beliefs on people, but I do believe that addiction is spiritual. Regardless of what kind it is, it ultimately kills your individuality and your spirit. I mean people can say and believe whatever they want, but all I'm saying is when you get into this, it sure seems like something is leading you there to confuse you and make you blind, deaf, dumb, an ineffective. It sure seems like demonic or evil spirit work to me, because addictions such as porn sure give that end result you're taught that sin does to us.

    It first thrills, then it kills. From abstaining you deal with it a lot less, which is contrary to what most in scholarly professions say. We are to believe that moderate indulgence will relieve us, satisfy our desires. Indulgence though, only seems to lead to more indulgence. That goes for any kind of sin. Then you get jealousy, heartache, and depression.

    Anyways, I hope this will help some think about it in a different light than usual. I've had that experience from some of you.

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