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    Back in my introduction post , I mention I had a-lot more to talk about.

    So.. besides the PMO subject, there's another addiction which I'm currently trying to reduce significantly.
    We've have probably heard an article or two about TV additions and its bad habits.
    Youtube is exactly that ! just way more convenient than TV these days.

    Watch anything at anytime & place.

    During my last two years , I was very addicted to anything on Youtube.
    Funny videos , gaming videos you name it !
    Ironically enough , this addiction out grew my old gaming addition from high-school years , to the point where even now I barely play games (while browsing less on Youtube).

    As I'm approaching the 11th day of the PMO, I'm more aware of what I'm doing and my social status. Hence , the reason I post this topic.
    I still get my usual mixed bag of negative feelings (lust and anger).

    Fortunately, I use those feelings when I know I'm starting to use Youtube to escape reality.
    In addition , I using Youtube for studies and less for entertainment.
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    Youtube is porn bassicly i've seen to much hot girls in bikin's in youtube its a use to get views
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    youtube is softcore p unfortunately.
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    No it ain't dude. Ya it features it.

    YouTube is a media behemoth.
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  5. It seems like a lot of fapstronauts label things as Porn simply because they see triggering material. It's become the equivalent of calling every politician Hitler simply because they support things you hate.

    In regards to the OP it's not uncommon to have a media addiction in our technological age, so set time limits regarding your use of YouTube.
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  6. ASD_OZ

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    I did :)
    the perfect way , I find , is to set a timer that will go off every 10-20 minutes.
    I have discussed this more deeply in my Day dreaming addiction.
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