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  1. Kddyy

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    I don,t know how i am severly addicted to youtube i am missing my 5hr class for just silly youtube videos which i don,t even like now but keep on watching and waste my time i don,t know why i am doing this is making me more and more lazy don,t know how to handle this
    I have introduced password, applock everything but nothing works.
    Please anybody tell how to overcome this.
  2. I’m also addicted like anything to youtube. Have to get rid of this.
    I was able to overcome it for few days by uninstalling it. Don’t be shocked. You can uninstall youtube. You just need a laptop. Look up a tutorial of how to do it .
  3. the300clean

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    what are you addicted to in youtube ?
  4. luckydog

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    To break a habit, you need to create new ones.

    Also to break a habit, you need to understand how you are feeling and break the cycle.

    Recommended reading: Duhigg's excellent The Power of Habit.
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    Indeed, YouTube is very good at making you waste your time. They do this by providing suggested videos that you might find interesting.

    So I recommend this: Don't block YouTube outright because you're just gonna end up unblocking it again. Instead, you should install a browser extension called: "DF Tube (Distraction Free for YouTube)". It's available on Firefox, but I'm not sure about Chrome. You could probably find something similar for Chrome in any case.

    This extension blocks suggested videos from the side of the video page and also on the front of the YouTube homepage. In this way you won't get any dopamine-hitting suggestions unless you disable the extension from your browser. This way you can save a lot of wasted time since there aren't any suggested videos to click on.

    However, if you're addicted to YouTube through your mobile phone, then this method won't work on the YouTube app since obviously you cannot install extensions there. In that case, I think the only way to help yourself then is to discipline yourself. Perhaps consider dopamine fasting or meditating if you haven't already.
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  6. D. Avide

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    I also recommend this extension. It's available also for Chrome

    On the phone you can set reminders on the app. Basically the video stops and you get a message on the screen saying "You've been watching videos for X minutes. Do you want to pause?". The amount of minutes can be set in your account's settings.
    This is in no way a silver bullet, but it can show you when you're wasting too much time and make you come to your senses when you're not being mindful.
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  7. PanteriMauzer

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    Youtube is a great app, if you use it correctly
  8. Indiahel

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    Keep your phone in your backpack during lessons.
  9. LamboAlldayEveryday

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    You asked this question because you already knew discipline is the only way to quit youtube addiction but it is too hard so you wanted to find the hack, the shortcut, the easy way to quit youtube. There is no easy ways, i found them for 3 years.
    Go get a 12 hours job so you won't have time to watch youtube. Using 2-3 hours left to study, be smarter, healthier, faster, stronger. You can watch youtube but you will find you watch them more wisely. Moreover, you will have some extra money to build your dream, who know?
    It simple but not easy, people always hate the true. Let take a look at Elon Musk, he is a multi bilionare, why he still work like hell. Because he knew if he doesnt work hard, he will watch youtube and pmo everyday like us=))
  10. Man of glass

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    Set up a RSS feed for the channels you follow and watch new videos outside of youtube using mpv or youtube-pl. You won't waste time watching stupid videos from the "recommended" tab but will still be able to follow your favourite creators. Hope this helps.
  11. Yeah I did 90 days of doing no YOutube at first try to minimize for 30 min each week
  12. arkad1

    arkad1 Fapstronaut

    I'm absolutely addicted to youtube.
  13. Like what do u watch
  14. arkad1

    arkad1 Fapstronaut

    Mostly i watch conferences about occult, esothericism, masonry, "alternative" archeology, a little bit of fitness and gym things, and boxing. Those are the main things i watch, like 90% of the time.

    I extimate to watch at least 4 hours a day, but who knows, maybe it's more.
  15. Bruh I watch it like 8 to 12 hours a day which is why I just quit youtube. Try to watch youtube for 3 hours and 30 minutes tomarrow
  16. Do you watch Whatifalthist
  17. arkad1

    arkad1 Fapstronaut

    No, idk what that is.
  18. K bcs I thought you watch what if history stuff
  19. arkad1

    arkad1 Fapstronaut

    Nope, i watch videos of small italian researchers, we have a lot of strong researchers on those fields (possibly all country has)
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  20. Hadrian3

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    Reading this article was helpful for me fighting procrastination:

    Why procrastination is about managing emotions, not time

    Also try to use the pomodoro technique.

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