Youtube Channel for Confessions (NOT A PROMOTION!)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Zillion

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    I`m not here to neither promote nor seek for sympathy. I`ve been making Youtube videos for 6 months so far, Mostly, I deal with self-motivation, self-development, also share all the breakthroughs, milestones even my general and daily activity (AS A CONFESSION).

    I don`t think making videos like confession or vlog does demand any criteria. anyone can do!, there will be a set of audience for every kind of mindset (It`s my humble opinion!)

    I was making a video in my local language, no one watched, and now been doing videos in English for 4 months, yet only I`ve less than 50 Subscribers. but made over 130 videos in the last 6 months!!.

    so, I don`t want to hear typical suggestions like making a better thumbnail, audio and video quality should be nice, share it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, ask neighbors to subscribe to your channel :p

    I`ve tried more techniques than I listed above!. so, tell me how do I make reasonable subscribers.

    I don`t want to make living over Youtube or I don`t want to be a famous Youtube star to make an interview with Bill Gates :p

    but, hence I`ve decided to be a public speaker, I want to share my ideologies..

    ideas and opinions regarding the Law of Attraction, Meditation, Self Development, Personal Health Care e.t.c...

    I want to get a consistent amount of subscribers (like 100 subscribers a month) - yet not an impractical wish!.

    so, what do I want to do?.

    Is youtube promotion does great? is that affordable?.

    Is there any less competitive video sharing website out there to make confessions and motivations?.
  2. goodnice 2.0

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    how about you post the link to your youtube channel if you are comfortable and we can let you know anything to change
  3. fredisthebes

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    I'm not a youtuber myself, but a lot of people seem to grow their audience with cross promotional stuff with other similar or complementary subjects. Find some people that do similar things with views that might benefit you or your audience (or potential audience), set up a Skype call perhaps, or even just agree to promote each other's channels on your next video.

    A regular release schedule is essential too. My favourite channels release a video every week (or whatever), something to look forward to.

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