Zinc makes my urges stronger but recovery faster (if i manage to resist the urges)

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ultrafabber, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. ultrafabber

    ultrafabber Fapstronaut

    I use zinc 15mg, no other vitamins.

    In case i binge, i usually have a 5 day window after when urges are minimum which then slowly start getting stronger. This is without zinc.

    If i use zinc the 2nd day, by the 3rd day the urges start getting stronger and the peak at 7 days is very, very strong. Srsly.

    But the benefits come faster as well and are more pronounced.

    I found this quite interesting, especially as it happens with such consistency.
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  2. Blue_Knight

    Blue_Knight Fapstronaut

    Hey buddy, Is zinc really working for you for quicker recovery? and what's your idea about using zinc mega doses like 60 mg a day?
  3. ultrafabber

    ultrafabber Fapstronaut

    I really think it does, but it also increases then urges. If i go up to 30 mg it's even more potent.

    I'm not a fan of megadoses, i don't know if they work or if they are bad for you.
  4. Mattew

    Mattew Fapstronaut

    Why are all users here about taking something?
    I see everywhere threads about taking this and taking that, and taking those supllements, and taking that pills.

    Just trust your body, wtf, you don't need tons of bullshit to recover faster, not feeling the pain, not feeling this not feeling that...

    You all look like fucking drug addict in need, let me tell you.
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