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Hello fellow Fapstronauts , i really wanted to pour my heart hear , i don't know how to say this porn is killing my life , i have to study but this porn is killing me , i know its bad for me but i cant stop it .
Off late i was in NoFap for a period of 2 weeks and all of it it went in vain as i watched PMO for 4 hours straight today . I really dont know what to do , i am seriously old - 22 by this oct

Please help what shall i have to do as i have to prepare myself for competitive exam - CA Final and the pressure of the exams are also mounting on me
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think of your parents if you are staying away or sit in their company when u get cues to watch porn
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The question is can i go through NoFap i am already done i am 22 years old is it too late for me ?