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Tools like web filter, Norton safe connect, opendns, parent control software are not helping me to overcome watching pornography. Because my cravings are more powerful than that tools. That craving demon was disabled or uninstalled that tools easily. Lastly, I understand no one tools will not help you whether you are not willing to overcome addictions. Now I am willing...
Ruben J. Soto more_vert
Ruben J. Soto
I’m downloading sophos app to block any sexual content and I forgot the password,so it’s urge kick in and I won’t got password.
hrithikkrn more_vert
same situation I was uninstalled the application (k9web production).
Greg Roshon more_vert
Greg Roshon
Are either of you in an SA group, or seeing a therapist to help?
Ruben J. Soto more_vert
Ruben J. Soto
I see therapist over my problem and talked over my problem.