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Spirituality and Religion

Groups for religions or spirituality.

Most Members

  1. Muslim Fapstronauts
    4387 members, 75.7K views.
  2. Catholic Fapstronauts
    1482 members, 44.5K views.
  3. Awaken Your Life
    1317 members, 14.3K views.
  4. Buddhist Fapstronauts
    691 members, 11.2K views.
  5. Hindu Fapstronauts
    595 members, 8.4K views.
  6. Agnostic and Atheist Fapstronauts
    535 members, 8.5K views.
  7. Latter Day Saint Fapstronauts
    440 members, 12.8K views.
  8. Spiritual Seekers
    309 members, 4.8K views.
  9. Jewish Fapstronauts
    110 members, 3.5K views.

Recent Threads

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A group for Buddhist Fapstronauts to connect.
A group for members of all religions, or no religion at all, to talk about religion
A group of agnostic and atheist fapstronauts to get come together chat about recovery.
A group for theistic or atheistic Satanists, from the Le Vey school or otherwise.
This group is destinate to the Jewish Fapstronauts.