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  1. Muslim Fapstronauts
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  2. Roman Catholic Fapstronauts
    1387 members, 35.9K views.
  3. Awaken Your Life
    1270 members, 13.6K views.
  4. Buddhist Fapstronauts
    665 members, 10.5K views.
  5. Hindu Fapstronauts
    564 members, 7.7K views.
  6. Agnostic and Atheist Fapstronauts
    518 members, 7.9K views.
  7. Latter Day Saint Fapstronauts
    428 members, 12.2K views.
  8. Spiritual Seekers
    303 members, 4.4K views.
  9. Christian Fapstronauts
    127 members, 117.7K views.

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