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For Catholics especially, but also for those who can accept such a thing:

Beware of pride! Beware of lust! With great confidence comes great trial and temptation.

In my journey now I am experiencing a level of confidence whereby I find myself feeding my ego. If I do not learn to control my fantasies and imaginations they will rule and ruin me.

Have mastery and self-control over your thoughts, and treat your body like a slave if that's what it takes.

Guard your eyes.

Pax Cristi
NeverDawn more_vert
I have found that to an issue. If I get a really good streak going I'll start to be overconfident. This not only leads to "feeding my ego" as you put it, but it usually also leads to relapse because I am not as careful.
Delirious 1 2018 more_vert
Delirious 1 2018
agreed. it's usually when I start thinking "I'm doing pretty well" that the temptation starts...
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