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Hey guys glad to join this group! I started off watching hetero porn since I was 18 but through fear of my girlfriend cheating on me at the time, I was introduced to a cuckold fetish which eventually led to the sissy fetish. I have been stuck with this now for 4 years and have been trying to stay clean on my own but always relapse a couple weeks in. I vowed to myself tonight was the last time and am now seeking for some help.I have already ruined 3 potential relationships from not being able to start things in the bedroom. None of my friends would understand this and I could really use someone who understands what I am going through. If anyone needs an accountability partner or has any advice I am certainly willing to talk.
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Welcome here. May wisdom and peace are on your path to recovery.
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Hey there, I'm on the same boat as you and I want you to know it's completely okay. I think you need to write out and be aware of some words or images that triggers these feelings. These are trigger words. Be aware of these words and don't let them take you away from your target. I mean I've tried this out and it helps. I hope it helps you too.
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Hey what's up man! Glad to see another person in the group, I hope we can help you scourge this fetish from life. Good luck
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