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It's been a while since I posted in this group. I still not relieved of the bondage of pmo even now. I am always keeping in mind not to M. But during late night during studying as I am in hostel in my room I M too much recently still knowing I have a lot to study. It is the devil who is deviating me from my path. I am praying to the Lord for giving me self control. I want you all to remember me in your prayers. I too will be praying for you all. I will never give up. Jesus Christ you are my saviour. Deliver me from this test. Help me take up my cross.
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Praying for you! Thanks for your prayers.
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Delirious 1 2018
Rex, we are all still struggling here, I'm afraid. This is technically one of our crosses...Glad you're back here posting. Praying for you as always. (and you, too, CR!) Thanks for your prayers.
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