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To jaha se Chala tha wahi pahuch gya:(
Kyun relapse hua main?? Tik tok video delhna band nahi kiya maina. Bc ek galti and out
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Zigler more_vert
tension mt le bhai ab aage apni streak ko continue kr
Deepak678 more_vert
Sab bnd kro hot chiz dekhna, aur man mai ganda sochna bhi band kro.. tabhi band hoga relapse
Zeeshaan more_vert
Try to delete all the apps which demotivate you.dont visit trigger sites i.e the sites that trigger you.
ꋫꑛꋫꁒ___ ꁒꐇꁒꐇꀗꌚꑛꐇ___ more_vert
ꋫꑛꋫꁒ___ ꁒꐇꁒꐇꀗꌚꑛꐇ___
Hey man, don't be discouraged. talk it out with your sponsor. work the program, attend phone meetings, bring lust to light. Focus on emotional sobriety as well from now on..take care!