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Fapstronaut, Male, from NY

Day 16 Mar 20, 2019

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Mar 25, 2019
    1. Bake2345
      Day 16
      1. GonTheHunter
        Congratulations, Bake!
        Mar 20, 2019
    2. Bake2345
      back at it
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    3. Bake2345
      Day 40 no pmo
    4. Bake2345
      15 days nofap - sex with gf once during this time period , horrible vivid dreams/urges last couple of days worse and worse
    5. Bake2345
      22 days hardmode
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    6. Bake2345
      21 days in MONKmode
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    I turned 28 this past March 2018

    Since I was 23 my energy has dipped and go to the point a naturopath and intergractive doctors did adrenal fatigue saliva testing : showing I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue

    For years no doctor could firgure out why I hadn’t horrible brain fog , no energy , Insomina , inability to exercise , I went from an althetic active guy to having no energy all the time. All of my test of the years from multiply docs and Chinese med doctors you name it I have gone to it and paid for it came back normal .

    I read about nofap a little while ago and realized I have been doing pmo daily sometimes 2/3 a day since I was 13 and have upped from regular porn to More hardcore stuff to get off / get a high and lost interest in real life sex .

    I had neurotransmitter urine testing done which is covtroversal and not even legal in my state come back showing all my neurotransmitter were extremely low except my dopamine was very high. This and the fact I have low cortisol with no doctor able to find any under lying cause.

    Makes me think I have fucked yo my hormones and body from this excessive additetion and not living in reality and feeling real emotions for years has fucked my adrenals and body up.

    I tried a reboot last month lasted 28 days and relasped on a Saturday when I was feeling lonely and very depressed , I am seeing a sexy therapist who is helping me in my nofap journey . I realize what my triggers are

    I am currently on day 21 hardmode - 5/30/18.

    I don’t know if this will cure my adrenal fatigue and health issues but I’m willing to try anything at this point since no docotor , MD, naturopath, intergractive , Chinese med docotor can find what’s wrong.

    I am hopeful that this is finally the asnwer and I am extremely motivated esp now I understand what triggers me to end this and my life back together.

    The last 5 years from 23 to 28 has been hell of daily exhaustion collapsing in bed after work . A two year period I couldn’t work a full day sitting my energy was so low , I haven’t been able to exercise or play b-ball since March 2013. Horrible daily brain fog and sleep.
    Oh yeah and
    My diet is very healthy , organic etc no sugar no processed foods no fast foods etc

    Update: March 2019
    Been taking a supplement called Ormus gold since November I sleep like I did when i was a kid again , vivid dreams , I can nap again whenever I want wake up refreshed , overall better mood even with fap this really makes me want to try nofap again knowing I hadn’t all these benefits still doing it with Ormus how much better everything with be with Ormus and no longer using porn . Not all Ormus gold is the same if you have a question message me