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Jul 3, 2015
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Fapstronaut, from UK

Not successful, I'm afraid. Most definitely fallen. Looking to get myself clean as quickly as possible and I know this is the place to do it Jun 12, 2015

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Jul 3, 2015
    1. perusan
      Not successful, I'm afraid. Most definitely fallen. Looking to get myself clean as quickly as possible and I know this is the place to do it
      1. IGY
        Ah, sorry to hear that mate. It seemed I jumped the gun earlier before you had chance to update your counter. Anyway, welcome back to NoFap. :)
        Jun 12, 2015
      2. perusan
        Thanks. No worries. When i have time and you have time it would be great to catch up on what has been happening. Looks like the community is building (which is good and bad).
        Jun 12, 2015
    2. perusan
      Hi koolkid59

      I totally sympathise with your situation and would be happy to help. Sounds like you have the same problem as me but the other way round. My weekends are tied up with family, but during the week I can get away with it during the day.

      A few bits of information about you would be useful. How old are you? Where are you, roughly? City/countryside? What are your interests/sort of person you are? Who do you live with? What else do you do over the weekend?

      Essentially this is all about filling that hole you are going to create by not PMO. It is a lot of hours to replace - you are going to need something for the evenings and I am guessing something during the day time too. This is a life changing moment. Let's find something that inspires you.
    3. koolkid59

      I need your help and advice. I want to get rid of my porn and masturbation addiction. I usually have the problem on friday and saturady nights. I rarely PMO throughout the week because I'm occupied with work and study plus I get tired. I rarely have any sleep on friday and saturday night which fuels my sexual urges. Once I have these sexual urges, I feel like I can't escape the urge and that the only way out is to give in to PMO. I feel like I'm in an helpless state. On these sleepless nights, I try to keep myself occupied with something to keep my mnid off but I just can't because the only thing I feel like doing is PPMO. Any practical ideas on putting a stop to this addiction?
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    Below is an old profile. I have been away for almost a year of which 6 months I was clean and over the last 6 months I have been slowly spiralling back to my old ways. So I am back to get clean.

    Good luck to you all.

    For a while now I have been very remiss in keeping my profile up to date and a few people have fortunately prompted me to rectify that.

    Before, my profile talked about me leaving Nofap for a while because of an anger issue that culminated in a warning from a moderator. The time away from NoFap helped me refocus and when I came back to NoFap a week later I found out that much of my anger was related to withdrawal symptoms. When I read around I found that heightened emotions, frustration and anger was a common experience for many. Learning that helped me recognise what I was going through was a normal process.

    Since that time I have experienced a steady drop in urges and now I feel like I am free of them all together. However, I have been in this situation before. I did a 74 day streak from my initial NoFap abstinence challenge at the beginning of 2014 that ended in a 3 and a half month relapse. I wasn't on Nofap during that time and it took about a month before I was back to my previous P routine.

    Coming back from a relapse is hard. It is difficult to face the failure. It is difficult to feel like you are starting at the beginning. But over time I have come to understand that I was not starting from the beginning, I was just starting a new challenge. We always carry with us the things we have learnt about how the addiction works and what we have learnt about ourselves when dealing with the addiction. We are always working towards our goal of recovery. It is impossible to go backwards.

    And recently I have been asked by Alex Rhodes to be a moderator. Originally I volunteered for the job so that I could help squash a voodoo magic spammer that was causing some problems. But now I look forward to helping people on the forum with questions about how the forum works, policies on posting and responding to people's concerns. I am hoping my time on the receiving end of a mod along with my new understanding about how withdrawal can effect emotions will help me deal with problems in an even-handed, fair and professional manner.

    I don't claim to know the answers to how to quit PMO, but I do come up with a lot of advice that feels right for me. I am always learning from others and sharing what I learn. I love to debate and encourage and congratulate.

    Good luck to you all!