14 days in hard mode

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    2 weeks in the rear view mirror, it feels great! I can't lay claim to any super powers as of yet (It's only been 14 days). One thing that did happen this past week has been very encouraging.

    I struck up three conversations with three different random female strangers. The two really weird things about this is I was very very comfortable while talking to them, and I hadn't even realized what I had done until it was over.

    In the past this probably would never have happened. I have always been very nervous and socially awkward around women for most of my life. Having a dulled brain marinated in Dopamine as a result of compulsive PMOing could be partially to blame for this. I'd always interact with women as if I had no balls what so ever probably because they were being emptied a little to often by your's truly.

    I don't know if it was a result of my brain drying out or semen retention, but I calmly and confidently interacted with those women like a seasoned veteran. Plus, I did it without even thinking about it. Before I knew it I was talking to them without a shred of self-consciousness. It felt fantastic, way more euphoric than porn! I didn't ask them out or anything (it wasn't about that), it was just casual conversation minus all the nervousness.

    Something small to most people, but for me it's actually a major victory!

    See you in 21 days!

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