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    I am 23 years old, and began battling with PMO when I was 16. I have all these horrible images in my head I just want to go away. I have filtering software, and have even disabled youtube on my phone and laptop. I feel I really hit the bottom when I began using the families' smart TV late at night. I have two accountability partners. I joined Nofap yesterday, and am looking forward to seeing what is out there.

    Is a premium account required to edit your signature? It still says I have been registered for zero days, and says I've made only one post (even though this is my third).
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  2. Hey Kaladin. Welcome to NoFap. You do not need a premium account to edit your signature. You just need a few likes and a few posts to get started which I see you have already. I can also see your counter now. I hope you find what you need here. It's important to understand more about NoFap so I would suggest checking out some articles or videos about it. I really like the Ted Talk by Gary Wilson on the Great Porn Experiment. I hope you do well and I wish you the best good sir. :)
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