278 days into the Nofap process.

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    278 days into the Nofap process.
    Around midnight after such a long time in this process I experienced wet dreams. I dreamed that I was ejaculating, I don't remember that in my dream there was any sexual content, but I did have such a real feeling of an orgasm. I continued sleeping, without noticing anything, but minutes later I had to get up to go to my son's room and there I noticed that my underwear was wet. I never imagined this would happen. I was so surprised by this situation, after a moment of crisis, it was difficult for me to fall asleep, but finally I understood that it was a nocturnal emission.
    I see what happened as a warning to urgently resume the necessary care in this process.
    Next, I will describe some factors that I think I should pay attention to:
    - I hadn't exercised for two days in a row. They have been days of worry and discouragement, I had not gotten up early to continue with my training discipline.
    - Being exposed to a situation of stress and anxiety (because of debts), These last few days have been very emotionally draining, I think my psychological defenses were compromised.
    - Remain seated for long periods of time during that day. I have become careless in not taking care to sit for a long time, I feel like I have spent hours sitting and my body has suffered.
    - In recent nights I have slept a little late. Without a doubt, nights ago I had stayed up until late at night, watching soccer, or looking at my cell phone, I feel that I have become undisciplined in this vital area and have fallen into indulgence.
    - I have stopped learning in this process. I have fallen into a cycle of doing useful things, but without further cultivating the mind, or continuing to learn from the process.
    I have stopped memorizing verses from God's Word. This is a serious oversight, finally in the mind is where all this event originated, and having the word of God is a useful resource for shielding the mind even at rest against temptations.
    I must resume actions, positive habits and return to discipline to continue in this process. Continuing with carelessness can lead to a relapse, what happened last night should be taken as a serious warning. Although my body and my mind have unconsciously played tricks on me at night, I must take this warning sign and avoid continuing on this path of carelessness that can lead me to relapse.
    He who thinks he stands firm, take heed that he does not fall.
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    Congratulations to Your progress. It is time to celebrate your success and not feel miserbale and guilty. You are obviously extremely self-disciplined in your NoFap journey. One could not be more innocent than ejaculating after 278 days in the nocturnal emissions, not even remembering any sexual content in the dream. With time you will learn to control even this undesired release. It's all part of the journey.
    1 Peter 5:7
    "God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him."
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