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    Hi everyone, I'm happy to find such a website and community!

    English is not my mother tongue, so please bear with my language mistakes.

    At the beginning of my life, I was straight, but then I became homo. And I've been addicted to gay porn for the last 13 years, after a "friend" encouraged me to watch porn...

    I've been trying to quit it for the last 11 years, but in vain. I could not resist more than a week or, more often that not, less. That's how I understood I was addicted. Only two times did I manage to withstand about 20 and 30 days of abstinence, but that was in very particular circumstances and that's too hard.

    This addiction completely destroyed my life. I can't reach my goals. I'm always very tired, extremely stressed and I procrastinate a lot. Failing to abstain makes me feel so bad and incompetent! I lost much of my life to this addiction. It heavily disrupts my diet and sleep. I also suffer from:
    • severe depression and dark thoughts from time to time,
    • pretty severe anxiety,
    • and PIED.
    But something changed recently - I did something for that - and I think I can do it now!

    So I'll try the Hard Mode, 90 days free of PMO. Starting tomorrow. And If I succeed, I will continue forever to abstain from PM, and try to help others!
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