50 Things I Hate About TV/Movies

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    1.) Everyone always watching the TV screen during a speech
    2.) Speeches
    3.) Constant Speeches about America and unity, the great experiment, democracy, etc... (Madam Secretary)
    4.) Idealizing 24/7 working, especially political shows
    5.) Every bad guy is Russian
    6.) No subtitles when speaking in other language sometimes
    7.) Laugh Tracks
    8.) Big Bang Theory
    9.) Guys are creepy stalkers and irl would probably get restraining orders
    10.) Crushes are idealized and everyone ends up in a relationship with someone else on the show
    11.) Russian nuclear submarines doing nefarious things
    12.) Instant poisoning
    13.) Programming
    14.) Programming
    15.) Programming literally u cant just break into something by mashing ur keyboard for 14 seconds ffs. Never make typos either. On one show where the guy broke into the FBI system the code on his screen if u paused was literally just a constructor for a door object LOL
    16.) Programming people dont know everything off top of head
    17.) Somehow a random moving pictures gives them the solution
    18.) When people doing dishes in summer they dont gag at how bad they smell
    19.) Everytime someone makes breakfast it is either eggs, OJ, bacon etc. like make some omelets or coffee cake for once jeez
    20.) Everyone has to be an asshole for the show to be good (Office. I want to like Jim and Pam but they are insufferable. Only liked Karen and Creed by the end)
    21.) Flanderization
    22.) Misplaced Idealism (literally aang should have killed the fire lord honestly terrible and selfish that he didnt)
    23.) TV relationships
    24.) TV relationships - didnt tell some1 that u dating for a week u used to be engaged? insta break up can never trust again (rip erin andy)
    25.) Funerals - only memorial scene i actually liked was uncle iroh leaves from the vine. they dont do anything for me and r just a skip. put effort into death scenes not funerals
    26.) Weddings
    27.) Pregnancies
    28.) Overhyped gender reveals
    29.) Birth of children
    30.) No one is afraid of needles
    31.) No one is ever in bad mood just cuz
    32.) Sex scenes - makes me not able to watch a lot of great shows with parents and honestly r just unnecessary IMO
    33.) How everyone hated toby (<3 flenderson)
    34.) Old shows - especially scenes where a male character sees a girl and music plays and it slows down or something honestly cringe as hell
    35.) Never ending suspense/twists/mysteries that dont get resolved. Fine at first but evnetually make me stop watching the show. (Blacklist).
    36.) Powercreep
    37.) Bad female characters like captain marvel/rey.Good female characters = Azula, Black Widow, etc.
    38.) 20+ episode seasons when episode length is 45 min
    39.) Subtitles that are at the top of the screen
    40.) Teenagers
    41.) I dont see many people PC gaming or having setups in their house
    42.) Only bad guys have snakes
    43.) Everyone is government is part of an evil evil organization. (my sister thinks this is true IRL lol in the US)
    44.) 1 shot in the chest = insta death
    45.) bad guys shooting people that mess up
    46.) body image - literally every single guy is ripped or on steroids like chill with that even when the show makes it clear they dont work out or are on their first workout they still buffed as hell
    47.) bad guys have more tattoos than good guys
    48.) glorifying searching without warrant
    49.) torturing/interrogating criminals and not giving lawyer
    50.) coworkers always friends/super close

    What do you guys dislike?

    1 more thing: I hate how shows think that having a good actor makes the show good. IMO writing is 200x more important.
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    Are you in the US?

    With British TV every bad guy is Irish.
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  3. oryxcrstl

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  4. The thing I hate with movies... The pacing... No need to drag it Dimitry! Just keep a steady pace ffs! Like for fkg real! So many good movies get ruined because somehow they keep chasing this majestic number of minutes and either have to rush the ending or delay it and plot gets sacrificed because of it!
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  5. Lol
    Lol again

    Also add the fact that every Alien encounter is opposed by US military who acts rationally and Chinese and Russians act like caveman and degenerates and do not think at all.
    Yup! People not taking the right action because of any kind of emotion-idealism combo.

    I also dislike that in some movies they make it look like military and police are incompetent and do not show their real tactics at all. Example: random airplane with bad guys... F22s go in and intercept it from both sides and you can practically hold hands with their pilots (in reality they never do it this way) and the bad guys just bring machine guns out and shoot them.

    Also... I hate when spaceships orbiting Earth are shown to turn on a dime which isn't happening ever Chief!
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  6. oryxcrstl

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    Ah yes. Also when someone is holding a gun and then people just punch it away :emoji_sweat_smile:
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  7. Zyra_aryZ

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    You’ve a great list.

    One thing I always didn’t care for in older war movies is how clean every soldier, sailor, or airman looked.

    John Wayne movies are horrible with this. Whether he’s on a WW2 SW Pacific Island or the jungles of Vietnam he looks like he’s had a shower, shave, and a good meal recently.

    IRL soldiers in combat often looked like the walking dead. The soldiers that fought on the Pacific Islands in WW2 definitely looked like this since their supply ships kept having to leave due to subs in the area. Those guys were literally starving during their fighting against the Japanese.

    And the military men in those early war movies all look upbeat and encouraged. Ahhhh no, not reality.
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  8. oryxcrstl

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    Yes! almost every person in every movie is super attractive. Even after waking up lol.
  9. Seriously? That's hilarious.

    That pisses me off too. It really complicates the suspension of disbelief when everybody in the film is ten times hotter than normal people.

    Another pet peeve of mine is reusing actors. I guess it's their job but seeing Brad Pitt's mug for a billionth time is annoying. And again, it hurts the realism.
  10. Mistersofty

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    Typecast actors/actresses.
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  11. Marshall 5

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    This cracked me up! Yes, we definitely need more coffee cake on screen. Very entertaining and unpredictable list, thanks!
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  12. Marshall 5

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    How about sitcom characters living in homes that they never could afford in real life? Do you know how tiny a real New York City apartment usually is?
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  13. Zyra_aryZ

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    Commenting from your list once again:

    I like older TV shows and there are some where the producers decided to go from 24 mins episodes to 45 mins episodes in the middle of the series then return to 24 mins episodes.


    It’s been my observation that those extended episodes run too long and only a small percentage of them are good.

    Examples are:

    -(USA) The original Twilight Zone. I don’t care for many of the extended episodes. The regular length episodes in early seasons are great. The later seasons (long episodes or short) are hit n miss.

    -(British) Of Men and Horses. Their early regular length episodes are mostly good. I quit trying to watch their extended episodes. I don’t care for those I watched so far except the one with the con man that has his sons driving an ambulance.

    And the coworker friendships:

    So unrealistic on TV. I’ve been in the work force for 35 years now and I didn’t care for an overwhelming majority of my coworkers. Only interacted with them because I had to. With the people I did enjoy talking to, only one person in all those years did I get together with regularly away from work. We both loved bicycle riding and would shred the dirt at the local off road park.


    Another one to toss in is everyone shown in Council Flats (US calls them low income housing or Section 8) speaks, acts, and looks at least a little bit polished.

    I’ve had to visit people in low income housing and the people can be quite hideous in all aspects. I’m guessing it’s politically incorrect to show what it’s really like in low income housing.

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