+/- 515 days. Only NOW am I starting feeling healed

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Navegante, Sep 4, 2019.

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    36 years old. After the one year milestone I experienced satisfaction and disappointment. Satisfation for having reached that milestone. Disappointment because I felt I wasn't cured yet. I also dated a girl (for the first time in three years) for two months from march to may but did not work, among other things because a couple of times I failed to maintain an erection and she did not support me (I told her about nofap). I felt miserable again but going back to porn was not an option, so the only path was to move forward. And definitely this summer I've made another step towards full recovery.

    I live in the NL and I have done most of my rewiring process with prostitutes (moralists, please save your comments). During the last seven / eight months sex was getting better, I had less PIED but developed PE and only since a bit more than a month I am really enjoying sex and maintaining long lasting erections. Lately I have heard from close friends that my body language and posture have changed and that I look happier. For the last two months I have also done intermitent fasting and I have lost a lot of weight, I am fitter and also attract more gazes from men and women.

    Thanks again to Nofap and sorry to a couple of fapstronatus who I didn't reply to four or five months ago. I no longer visit this website so frequently. This needs to be a temporary help forum but I advise everyone not to get stuck here. Good luck to all of you. Salud.
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    Yeah I see your point about not getting too into this site. I have, and it basically demonstrated that I have too much free time on my hands. Pun intended. I have learnt a lot though.
    Things seem to be getting better for you. Excelente!
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    Great news mate.
    The project is you.
    Keep going.
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    Congrats fam, those are the stories i like to read!

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