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  1. Today, I hit the 70 day mark and it's still pretty surreal that I have gone without porn for as long as I have. I remember 70 days ago like it was yesterday when I had jacked off at least 4 times that day and I felt sick to my stomach. This addiction started when I was 13 when I came across some nude photos and then it quickly escalated to hardcore porn. I was just a kid so I didn't know the damage that it was doing to me while I was watching it because it made me feel good. As I got older, I tried losing my virginity but I failed because I couldn't get hard to save my life. It wasn't a one time occurrence, I kept getting soft every time I tried to lose my virginity. I got my doctor to prescribe me the erectile dysfunction pill when it finally worked. But even when i lost my virginity, I didn't understand why I was needing these pills because I was only 24 an I was dependent on them. The commercial made it seem like it was for old geezers who couldn't get hard which didn't apply to me. So at this point I would always use the pill to have sex and I am 28 now. So during this past 70 days I finally had sex once without having to use the pill and I felt like all the hard work paid off. I felt like John Wall when he made his Wizards debut at home..

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    You the beast don't worry keep going.. :)
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  3. Thanks bud!
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    Victory dude, glad to hear this paid off!

    How do you feel with your general mood/energy with 70 days free from porn?
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  5. I felt way better the first 30 days but It kinda tapered off a bit. But I still feel really good!
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    That's all good, now you have the reason to keep on going, good stuff!
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    Your story is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it.
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  8. Yeah man thanks gotta keep going forward!
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  9. Thanks and no problem!
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    Congrats man! :)
    What are the best changes you have felt till now? And if you feel you're out of the woods (I meant that initial dark place where all of us begin) when did you feel like it?
  11. Some of the positive changes include, better eye contact with people in general. My listening skills have improved so I actually care about what most people are saying when they are talking to me. I noticed music is so much more enjoyable. My relationships with my roommates have improved cause I actually keep my door wide open now when I'm at home and it's no longer locked. I'm reading books regularly, and I also hang out with my friends a lot more so I don't have to stay at home. My relationship with my girlfriend has improved greatly, when I was masturbating and watching porn it affected my mood a lot of the times and I didn't want to have sex because I knew I couldn't get hard. After talking to her about my issue, she has been extremely supportive and has seen me work hard throughout this process we been able to have sex regularly. Do I feel like I am out of the woods? no because I know that I am one button away from slipping up and I have to always keep my guard up unlike other addictions this one is always readily available at any given time. I am aware of my addiction and I take it one day at a time but I do feel like it has gotten easier since I first started.
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    A great motivating story. It really inspired me & Congratulations on day 70 :)
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    congratulation u on 70days.
    appreciate ur around here.
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  14. Thanks man I appreciate it, congrats on day 11!
  15. Thanks buddy, I appreciate that you enjoy my posts and congrats on day 7!
  16. I'm gonna hit 7days but soon will convert it in to 70+ days. Your presence is greatly appreciated.
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  17. Fuck yeah buddy that's the spirit you won't believe how time flies when you fill the void with pretty much anything else!

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