73 rd day : Best days of my life enduring sweet pain.

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  1. Anurag12

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    I tried nofap for the 1st time and guess its 73 days of no pmo hardmode and no relapse. I was addicted for 9 years fapping over porn and by fantasizing every hot girl or women I saw on street. The important thing nofap taught me is that womens are not sexual objects, what we see in porn has nothing to do with the reality. Porn changes the perception of the world and everything start seeming as if this world is full of sex and only sex is what left important in life but since reboot my brain is actually changing itself when you constantly tell your mind that fapping is a curse and every time I ejaculate means I am loosing my vital energy and masculinity.
    If one has strong willpower and patience then anyone could overcome porn addiction because its not a magic bullet which change your neurotransmitters immediately.
    Yes you have withdrawal as well, severe anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitation and many horrible things happened to me. Every time I thought I would b porn free but I didi it now that same porn doesn't make me fap anymore, it is easily avoidable. Now looking further to carry on this nofap streak to days like 90,120,365 and finally till whole life where I can see myself not as a porn addict. Feeling very happy although still suffering from some of withdrawal symptoms but its less in severity.
    Benefits till now :
    Pornstar like Penis
    Increased Blood flow through body
    Less anxious
    Depression absolutely gone
    Less fatigue
    Muscles r growing
    Skin glow
    Increases Energy
    Don't bother about street girls or women anymore.
    Better sleep
    Started Meditation (Important during reboot).
    Started Walking
    Eating Healthy
    Less Tea and Caffeine Intake
    Seems getting more attractive to girls but I don't bother them anymore.
    Feeling more Confident.

    The most Important thing is that I don't give damn shit to girls and womens anymore and my girlfriend offered me for sex as she had already broke up with me but I refused to have any kind of sex as I am not ready to break my hardmode streak and also now I am less interested in my gf after break up, let her go.

    Suggestions : Shout from the top of the mountain when you r free with this porn and sex addiction. Feel the freedom, enjoy good food and this God gifted life, PMO really sucks your life and body.
    Only those can fully recover who habe strong will power, patience and perseverance during recovery. Don't bother about withdrawal they are temporary.
    Good Luck to Everyone
    Change is waiting.
    Stay strong.
  2. Great story man!

    I can guess by you're name that you're Indian. (I am too)

    I'm 8 days in after I broke the longest streak I ever had, and man its tough. Negativity won't leave me alone.

    I do feel more confident than I used to, but haven't seen any other benefits you mentioned.
  3. Tonytone

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    I love it. Very inspirational!
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  4. ItaLione

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    Awesome. Stay strong!
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  5. Mr. Singh

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    I am about to start my journey! excited lets gooo>>>
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  6. Congrats man !! Thanks for sharing !! More strength to you!! Keep inspiring & keep going!!
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  7. Dragonnlife

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    Sir you are an inspiration! I struggled so long with the idea of giving in to sex when women offer but WE HAVE THE CHOICE TO SAY NO. We don't have to be under the thumb of women and we don't need to succumb to sex, ESPECIALLY when we have this life changing program. I'm 48 days into my hard mode reboot and you have given me a new burst of strength! I've never actually seen someone talk about it on this site or reboot before. Most people sacrifice hard mode and just O but don't P or M. You're my hero and you're balls are huge
  8. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    You will feel. Bro but don't relapse and try meditation, I still feel strong urges and cravings, very high sex drive but now I cn resist easily. Stay strong bro.
  9. Why do you guys not want to have sex? That too when it's being offered?
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  10. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    My girlfriend cheated since I decided to quit this sex and porn thing. I would masturbate 2- 3 daily searching to the most bdsm or raping porn I saw but then I came to know that I am lossing control over myself and porn use to control my brain. I want to be a good person again, this porn has ruined my life. But I promise you after few months you will start to see the benefits but high sex drive will remain till year or so.
    I have started getting strong morning wood almost every morning, my penis is ripping through my pants thats the sign that my penis is coming back to its natural sensation.
    You have to be persevere in recovery don't fantasize dirty thoughts, don't see any nude pics atleast for 90 days after that yu can resume sex with womens but don't watch porn ever and also this masturbation.
    Stay Strong
    We all r born to rise not to fall buddy
    Good Luck and keep posting your progress
  11. Anurag12

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    Because nofap says if you want to recover from porn addiction stay away from everything including sex, porn, Masturbation and porn or any kind of adult stuff which will make you fall into the addiction again. I refused sex because my girlfriend only wants my penis but not me. Porn addict should be in search of true love then you can enjoy sex otherwise you will never recover.
    Your brain needs time to heal dear. So stay away from sex till 90 days of reboot.
  12. I see.
  13. Dragonnlife

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    Simple question, complicated answer. It's not necessarily that I don't want to have sex but it would be ideal to get to a mindset where I didn't NEED sex. It's a matter of virtue within oneself. Sex isn't a bad thing but when in a reboot you should abstain from Porn Masturbation AND Orgasm in order for the reboot to be fully successful. I've tried sex during a reboot and relapsed. For me, it's a matter of resetting and then feeling like I can resume sexual interaction without the impulsive and frankly, destructive way of doing it.
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  14. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    You didn't get me, I said if u want to have sex there are many prostitutes you may find walking around the streets and when you run behind sex rather than having sex with your true love is addiction. And during reboot my opinion is to refrain from sex too for successful recovery after that you can continue sex with your gf, I didn't say sex is bad.
  15. BlueJoe

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    this is exactly my thoughts. I was on a good 14 day streak and had sex, then relapsed the next day. It makes a lot of sense to think of having se but not needing to have sex...
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  16. Dragonnlife

    Dragonnlife Fapstronaut

    Exactly! Sorry to hear about the relapse friend... but it's important to learn what works for you as well. IMO, it's a pretty common thing people overlook in a reboot
  17. thank u for your story ,its very inspiring... stay strong!!
  18. BradM6016

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    You're a hero and an inspiration. Thanks man.
  19. You are doing great :) keep it up :) this story is inspiring one but what is meant by benefit you wrote like p####t# like penis? Does nopmo grow it's size or you have more powerful errection now?
  20. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    Yes, It doesn't grow but the blood flow inside penis increases and you can hold that erection for long for better sex experience for your gf. My po**n star like penis means, I have good enough size of my penis and its quite like a p**n star. Before when I used to masturbate and watch po**n my penis hardly have strong holding for long time although I m watching po*n but now Its much harder and flacid and able to keep erection for long.
    You will also get that glory back but stay away from PMO.

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