90 days clean; progress in marriage and sex life

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by rave756, Jul 25, 2016.

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    90 days free of PMO. Whew, when i first started NoFap this timeframe seemed so far away, it pained me to even to commit to 7 days free. You've seen posts talking about the benefits of being free of porn, some with hyperbole and some exaggeration. Those benefits have been true for me. It's not magic or automatic, but i'm on a path to improving in areas i wanted to. Much more confident and decisive in my marriage. Our sex life has became a bit more frequent, and when it does happen, more enjoyable for both of us than it has been in a long time. It i had to name one thing hour for hour I've replaced PMO with, it would be exercise. My fitness goals are far off, but I've started.

    What worked for me to get a good streak going was to physically and mentally disassociate P from M. Before, P would lead to M and vice versa. Double temptation. When I have been tempted to view P, I didn't allow myself to touch below my waist. When I was tempted to M, i set down all devices went elsewhere.

    This might not work for everyone, but the first 30 days or so, i stepped down my use of P by eliminating, in order:
    • 'go to' videos or intensely triggering formats (stuff I 'had to' M to)
    • fetishes or certain women checked out of curiosity, but not triggering M
    • undeniable P-subs (bikini galleries, etc.) - stuff i'd be pretty embarrassed about if caught looking at
    • incidental P-subs (music videos, mainstream movies)
    It took me some time along these 90 days to make some big changes like eliminating a mild p0rn stash.

    Tools that helped me and i turn to:
    This video

    Cold Showers

    In other words, don't lose hope if you're can't face giving up everything all at once, give yourself time during the reboot to trade a bad habit for a better habit. The momentum will build up when you are ready and it becomes easier to see and decide to avoid aspects of P,M,O.
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    Good shit, let's reclaim our manhood
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    Great advice on slowly peeling off different layers of the addiction one by one. The PMO lifestyle infiltrated nearly every aspect of my life. It can be removed over time! Slowly but surely zones start to appear where we are free from its presence. Some things have been easy to move past, other things incredibly difficult. Great work with 90 days clean! You are certainly an inspiration to carry on!
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    90 days, woah! Thanks for sharing, and especially for sharing the tools that have helped you. I'm sure that they'll be of use to the rest of us!
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    Congratulations! That is a great accomplishment.
    You are right, watching porn and masturbation are completely different things.
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    Good job, man.....good job....the benefits are definitely there.
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    Hit the magic 10 day mark and i am actually proud of myself as that is a record over 30years pmo so i expect the flatline is on me as mind is struggling
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    I've been drunk on porn for the last 2.5 years, now its time to become sober and taste what life has to offer me
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