90 days, for new jorney

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    Day 8_

    i was able to get 200 day after that i relapse with my mind thate trike me
    But now i wanna do diarry hopefully to get 90 days and of course to keep going..
    Yesterdy i got strong urge to serckh on webcam
    BUT NO, i can make it ,we all can.
    I think that reason that i relapse is becose under the pressure college effect i finnush the semester and that hit my again.
    I hopefully bring my power again
    I go back to the gym after one mount break.
    The gym gave my strong mental and physical effect. Yes Someties i get lazy but its very important to stick the target not giveup and say "i'l go tommorow" .

    I stardet to consum p in age 18 on regular basic, soon its escaleted to geners that i dont imagine i was there.
    Now im age 30
    Last year i can say that in the 365 day (in feb 18, i discover no fab site)
    Lets say 280 day i was in pmo mode.
    That is not bad. I hopefully i keep it up.

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