90 days without PMO

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    “… Jehovah has said to you: Never return this way” Deuteronomy 17:16
    This "path" can be an unhealthy lifestyle, harmful behavior, a bad habit, a negative attitude, or an unhealthy relationship. Today is a good day to make a firm commitment not to walk the path that leads back to death and slavery.
    Companions of the way, I greet you with pleasure on this special day, today I reach the 90th day without PMO. This is the second time I have achieved this challenge in two years (it is the first time I have registered it here) but unlike the first time, this time I have not focused on counting the days, but have started to develop a mindfulness about the negative effects of PMO and most of all, I am living NoFap as a lifestyle. I am happy for these 90 days, but this is only the beginning of a long career ahead.
    There is hope brothers, I have been in this destructive behavior of masturbation for 20 years. I have wasted some of my human potential and wasted my life energy on something as miserable as PMO. But, everything "has its time" and now is the time to be reborn. This process like everything worthwhile in life has not been easy at all, but the results are wonderful.
    I feel like my eyes have been opened for the first time after many years. I have started to take care of my health, I have introduced healthy habits (diet, physical exercise, meditation, memorization of Bible verses). In general, I have returned to enjoy life. I have read many testimonials from other brothers and I can confirm that PMO withdrawal has many visible benefits, not only in self-esteem and physical health, but in the most essential part which is spirituality.
    If any of you start in this process, I want to encourage you to keep going, it does not matter if you only have a few hours, or a few days to start, keep moving forward. Never go back down that destructive path and follow the path of freedom.
    I hope to write again soon, to celebrate another victory in this process.
    An apology, for the writing errors, I am using google translate.
  2. Good work. Here’s to 90 more.
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    Thank you friend for your congratulations!
    Yes, to continue on this path, without going back
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    Awesome. Congrats brother!

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