A day of winning for the better future

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'd like to mention my succes story back to 2016, when I had my longest streak without PMO. It was 62 days.
    It happened because I started a new carrier back then, and I needed ALL of my energy to focus to rebuild my carrier. I relapsed when I became a bit lazy and I was used to tgat work. So my message is that always look for new challenge in order to prevent relapse.


    I guess this day has been a milestone. I haven't experienced it like this, before.

    I have realized the pattern. I have a huge task of the day, I have huge fear that I'll fail and have anxiety and then I escape to my so-called healing remedy which takes all my pain away. Porn. Now I have broken this pattern.

    Urges came before that big task, this big challange but at that point I said: "f.. you, go to the hell, I won't quit!" So the urges went away, I did what I had to did today and I PASSED that task which was kinda... test os my personality-stamina as well.
    I had huge confidence today.

    This evening my partner began to drink some alcohol. I didn't because for me, this month is a non-drinking-challenge month, too. (I haven't drunk for 20 days!!) So my love drank a lot and now he's sleeping.
    Sometimes when we drank lately and I had urges and my boyfriend slept away and I couldn't sleep, at that state of mind I became weak and began my P.marathon ... You know, the inner voices said: "this is the last time" "he is sleeping" "you deserve it" "you're horny and he won't make love with you tonight". So relapse happened.
    But not this time. I know that I love him and he can't deserve that virtual thing and it is worth to wait for him. He is my love and I don't need this virtual painkillers.

    With these 2 thinks, I feel that I have taken a huge step to my "best version of myself". You know, I feel that now I'm in that another reality that I always imagined. I could have choosen that other reality where I failed and I watch porn in the night. But I didn't.

    Today I have successfully strengthen that great future.

    Butterfly effect happens!
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  2. Thanks for sharing!

    Bro, this particular forum is for 30+ day success though only lol. There are age specific and advice/support specific locations for this kind of post :)

    Cheers to making it to 30 days by the way. I *comment here, but I have not yet made it to 30 to make my own *post here yet. Best of luck we both will.
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  3. Oh sorry, I didn't read of the guidelines properly. Then I hope the mod will delete this post :D Sorry, I will read the intro description in all topics.
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  4. All good, not even a mod, but I read the success page a lot! What you said is still good! Maybe copy-paste it? Or just leave it, up to you.

    Take it ez man!!
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  5. I re-edited my text so it is relevant by now.
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  6. Congratulations! you can get there again man :) one day at a time.

    I also say "go away temptation!!" and focus on new things when I feel weak. That is the correct mindset to have.
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  7. Thanks man, and workouts can be helpful as well. :)

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