A few days ago, a girl smiled at me

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Idk why, i was at the bus stop, a taxi drove by, inside was a young girl, around 15, she looked at me and smiled. She was probably mentally ill i guess, and im still a virgin so it didnt really mean anything.
  2. i think, it was a few years ago for me, i was walking by a speedway which is just up the street from a school and a car drove by with a girl sitting in the backseat said “hey you” i then looked up, then she said “yeah you!”

    “you’re cute” then quickly rolled up the window as i guess one of the people/parents had been embarrassed and sped off.

    yet im still in the lonely section lmao. but this didn’t mean anything for me either as this girl looked too young for me to even consider getting with.

    i don’t know about your story though.
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  3. Nomar

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    What a thrilling story! Tell it again!
  4. Infrasapiens

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    I had made many theories the few times women have said nice things to me: It was probably for someone behind me, it was probably a bet, she was probably just making fun of me. But this must be the first time I see someone saying "She was probably mentally ill".
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  5. well, no sane person smiles at a stranger, and there wasnt anyone behind me either
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    Way before I was dead inside and addicted to pmo, I smiled a lot. I remember this beautiful girl I saw while on a bus to work. I stuck my head out, smiled, mouthed "hi", she beamed back.
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  7. thats nice, but did you have hot sex with her?
  8. Same here. I used to smile a lot and be more upbeat. I'm slowing getting back to that.
  9. i dont smile at all lol. i will only smile when i have 10 kids with a girl i like
  10. Nomar

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    10?? Those are rookie numbers. I never smiled before I had 20 kids with a girl I like
  11. I only smile when i laugh, whats the point of smiling if alomost no one i know can maintain over 20 seconds of eye contact, or even 1 sometimes

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