A goodbye love letter to Pornography.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Newlife33, Jun 26, 2019.

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    Dear Pornography,

    Thank you. Thank you for helping me to survive a childhood in which I didn't have any love from the people who were supposed to give it to me. I first found you on that fateful day of AOL dial-up. Hearing the crackle in the beeps before connecting to the world was heavenly. And then finding the scene of a beautiful woman who would look me in the eyes and tell me that I was a good boy, that I was the best, that I was sexy and Powerful. All the things that I wanted to be that I couldn't. You made me feel loved and appreciated and part of a relationship. I indulged in you every night it seems oh, and you never failed to disappoint me.

    But then things got weird. I no longer to get off on just doggy-style or blowjobs or public sex videos (which is where my normal attractions lay). Those videos could no longer mask my pain of growing up in a toxic family. My reality was beginning to creep in, and instead of dealing with it or facing my demons, I simply dove into categories that would give me more and more of a rush. I got into hardcore, then or orgies, then lesbian, then pegging, and then she male porn fucking girls and then shemales fucking guys..... even though I was getting laid in real life, I'd become so conditioned to having pornography as my source of love and family and comfort and relaxation, I felt I couldn't get out.

    But now I must go. I am sorry p***, this just isn't a sustainable relationship. You don't know anything about me, and I need someone who truly knows who I am and gives me something more than just a few minutes of pleasure. Thank you for helping me survive and getting through a tough time. It was my fault for over using you and for diving into deep, I take full blame for that. But now I realize everyone goes through struggles, and that's no excuse to escape reality. I will Soldier on and keep working on myself and build a real life and a real family and real relationships.

    Goodbye Porn,

    With kind regards,

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    Never watch P again. Great thread
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    If porn could send you a reply it would something like

    But if you change your mind I am here for you anytime, best of luck!

    You are feeling an emotion I call - Zen Mode, it is just an emotion - it will pass. When we feel this emotion, we are highly productive people, we see the big picture and we are ready to get to it and to make change.
    The problem is that emotions are temporary changes we experience and then they disappear. If you watched any movie where huge legions of soldiers line up on the hill and they are about to go in to battle at the opposing force, just a short distance away, it will be an epic battle NO DOUBT!

    If you are standing in the first line of your formation you are thinking - "I am at the front of the line, I am about to run in to rested, mint formation of the enemy and my chances of surviving this are are rapidly approaching 0%" you begin to think about your options - maybe I will just fall down and play dead, but I have to do this after we engage or my own people will run me over... Then you get interrupted and armys leader rides in on a horse, he addressees you all at the from of the line, he speaks of freedom, justice and valor! He looks at you for just a moment and you feel understood you feel part of this all, you feel focus your are ready go. The leader tell about how those bad people killed children and you want to kill them now and then that leader says GOO!
    So now you are running at rested, trained mint enemy formation with odds of survival rapidly approaching 0% and somehow you do not consider it important that you made that deduction about 90 seconds before.

    That rally speech is designed to inspire and emotionally pump up initial lines of the formation, all manner of tricks are used - violence, screaming, singing and then they are pushed in to battle while they are still irrational and fear is suppressed so they run in to certain death without flinching.

    I give this example to show you how person in one emotional state is basally completely different person in another emotional state. What really counts is how consistent your behavior is across all emotional states.

    When you plan your behavior your have to account for this or you will fail.
    For example addict that comes to rehab because he cant stop, final took full responsibility - he understood that in certain emotional states he is unable to control himself. I am not suggesting rehab in this case I am just illustrating a point
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    Change your forwarding address...you don't need to hear back from Mr. Pornography. Ever.
    Stay strong and good luck.
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    Agree with you.
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    Return to Sender
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