A journey of 100 days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Bman101, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Hello dear nofappers! I have started this journey in the beginning of July and have been collecting the benefits ever since. It was a pretty hard task but as many say... it's not about the destination, it's the journey that matters.

    I had started from the age of 12, watching videos and mo-ing to them. I hadn't stopped ever since. I was so sure that that was the way my peers were acting out as well, I never even considered once that it might be wrong. I had no idea what was in store for me and how horribly would my actions stab me in the back in the future. Long story short, it caused me to have PIED with probably the most beautiful girl my eyes had ever gazed upon. ( we had also been in a relationship for a year and a half). That was one of the main causes of our break up after 3 and a half years of being together.

    The problem was that I had been PMO-ing almost daily, never giving a thought to what was truly important in life.

    I had problems with my memory, no ambitions, no drive to do anything worthwhile with my life. Being in college in a quite difficult field proved even more difficult due to my inability to focus. Hell, I even had problems when talking, I couldn't find my words to speak simple things at times, let alone more difficult topics.

    I don't know exactly what to tell you, fellow reader, I can't provide you with a list of what to do and what not to do in order to abstain from this accursed addiction, all I can tell you is that you need to believe 100% in yourself and that you can beat it. From my experience, I gave it all up and never gave it a second thought. Seeing the benefits made it all more worth while.


    1. I can focus more on the things that I want to do.

    2. I can once again enjoy simple things like listening to music, I can feel the emotions trasnmited through it, clips and movies. I also have more feelings, I am no longer on a flatline of nothingness( no happiness, no sadness, no emotion. AH, I am lying I would feel anxiety but would do nothing in order to avoid situations that would give me anxiety.). After 2 months of nofap, I cried like a little person when I heard what a relative of mine had accomplished

    3. I do not view women as objects anymore, I like to notice their personalities, their fears, their ambitions. I love to see how they interact and see them more for their soul, not solely for their appearance.

    4. Memory has improved and also, I can speak normally now.

    5. Hair growth: My hair doesn't fall off as easily as it did back then, facial hair has improved and I have more body hair.

    6. I lift more at the gym and I tend to gain muscles faster.

    7. My ambitions have returned, I have gotten compliments from both female and male colleagues.

    8. Erections have gotten better.

    9. I don't care about porn at all now, I don't feel the need to watch it at all.

    10. I am more concerned with becoming the 2.0 version of myself rather than meeting the perfect woman for me.

    If I were able to abstain from pmo-ing for 100 days, all of you can. I wish you good luck and strenght on this journey. Do not be fearful, you can do it, we all have faith in you. Effort will always pay off, don't let anything steer you off the path you've drawn for yourself, forge ahead to the end, stick to it and make us proud, be everything that you can be!
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  2. Congratulations for 100 days brother and thanks for sharing it :)
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  3. Inspirational post! Thank you very much for your clarity of words. Keep going and motivate all. Good luck brother.
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  4. Very good mate! Keep going!
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  5. very true congrats on the 100+ days
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    Keep it up man. Truly inspirational as ive experienced the same drawbacks but now i feel like experiencing the benefits. These are some of the things that i can easily relate to.
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    Keep going, brother! :)
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    Congrats man! Thanks for sharing your story!
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    Thanks a lot for the inspirational post! The segment i quoted was really relatable. I had a relationship of 6 months but ended up breaking up with her because I of porn.(even when i wasn't aware of the problem back then). It is really good to read that you had exactly the same issues, like focus and PIED, as I have. Gives me hope that I can push through.
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    Good luck, my friend! :) You can do it as well!
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    oh man....i've believed for the most part that having a gf would solve all my problems...or having a job will. Your story reminds me of the truth. I think I have to start making positive changes and feel better as i am now...rather than thinking that achieving so and so thing will bring me happiness or help me quit PMO.
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    What a success story that is .... I'm a newbie with 90 days minimum ahead of me .... looking forward to writing my own but different success story in the months ahead. Thank you
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    bro can you help me. I relapse yesterday and feel so suck today. like yourself, I have a successful relative and I feel so down when thinking about it. my life going nowhere and I cant even fight this fapping addiction. I started to have violent thought. :(
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    Hey man the best advices are the simplest ones:

    Stay positive and remember that everything is a learning experience.

    Sitting around in your own sorrows and misery is the worst thing you can do. What you do is when you fall you pic yourself back up and learn from the mistake. Never ever kick yourself while you're down, instead comfort yourself, compliment yourself and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. Even if you don't believe the compliments or that the future will be fine, say it anyway, soon it will become the truth.

    Stay strong dude, we all believe in you!
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    Great post brotha congrats!! Love seeing guys getting real victory and healing. I think it's one of the most amazing things ever..This is a real man's journey in my opinion and you are going strong. Thanks for sharing and keep it going!
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    Great read. Well done bro

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