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    (it will be a long post, but I believe it will be worth your time).

    So I wanted to go semen retention for over a Year. I started at the beginning of 2016.
    The challenge for me was that I had a girlfriend that really couldn't understand that all the sexual encounters we usually have were depleting me of my life energy and the drive to do anything else. But she didn't care. So every 5 to 7 days she would make me ejaculate.
    The struggle went on for few months.
    Forward that 8 months in the future and I'm now 50 days without ejaculating.

    Feeling Amazing:
    • Overall mood improvement
    • Higher mental clarity
    • Much more Charisma
    • Social connection happens at faster rate
    • I'm a magnet to girls and people ( I do believe that you have extra energy and people can feel it in their guts / sixth sense).
    • Much less afraid of anything
    • There is always a mess in my house and now put thing in order doesn't seem so hard as before
    • Going to the gym and looking forward to it
    • waking up EVERYDAY at 5 a.m (not in the week end if I go out the day before, but every week day).
    • Reading and writing had a quality boost (2 of my uncommon passions)
    • When I walk I feel it, and it is not just a placebo effect, because I became stronger in the Gym, less recovery time. Eating less feeling stronger in my junction. IT IS REALLY AMAZING.

    I know these are common benefits of the people that go through this journey.
    I wanted to write something more personal for the people that are going to read this and might find them self in struggle within their lives.

    I'm 27, I have being in relationships for 9 years straight (3 different girls). With no brake what so ever.
    I'm part of the 1% of population in almost everything I can think of (money, beauty, socially, or whatever parameter. No counting happiness), but all of this didn't help covering up that there was something bad or wrong happening in my life. (I didn't say all the above to brag, but to share that the external is not what is real, what a person feel is real. And we are all the same, remember this when you envy someone, or you wish you where someone else, you don't know how that person feel).
    The highest benefit I can think of is feeling stronger emotionally (all around but especially emotionally and spiritually) this will give you the strength to listen to your inner voice and act on it.
    What does the majority of people do instead?
    They have this inner voice but they never have the strength to act on it, the life goes by and they die without being true to them selves. Most of the people is afraid of being happy, really happy. That's why there is all these different addictions going on in the world right now. We know something hurts us, but we do nothing about it. We are caught in the moment and we dive deeper and deeper into lower energy states (and the loop repeat, till it break us or we break it).
    These past two months I have been able to be true to my self, to impose my will to the people around me. I left my girlfriend ( who won international beauty competition, and it might go Victoria Secret). But to me it wasn't real, I felt I was there because socially speaking it would have been crazy not to stay in that relationship even thou she loved me, for me it didn't feel right (from the beginning! It took me 3 Years to act on it, DONT' MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!!).
    I finally had the power to say what was inside me, and there is now a voice me that screams "this is the real you".

    Now I know it won't be all easy and soft from this point on, but I feel I have the energy to push my self through all there will be in my path. Even if I won't have the power to do so, I won't have regrets, because I have been true to my self (isn't this the point of life it self? Living the truth? and learn from it?)

    There is not higher asset than this, being true to your self. It is the hardest thing you can do, and whatever it will bring you, it will be the right path for you.

    So be your self ( and get to the point where you have the strength to do so), and remember that we are all different, and different people will need different things. Listen to your higher longer term self (don't just imitate like a robot).

    I will conclude with this quote:

    "Fools try to end sufferings with sufferings" Buddha

    Don't be a fool, you might have been one long enough.

    "Being evil means doing worse every time you know better".

    ps: Sorry for my English, not my primary language
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    Thanks for sharing your story Andrea, and congrats on 50 days - welcome.
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    Thanks for sharing! I'm on day 45 now and I feel benefits very similar to yours. And, yes, something happens about being honest with yourself. It's like soneone launched a strong motivator to get rid of mental and material rubbish. It becomes evident to behave according to your inner voice. In fact I edjed yeasterday and fell now that this drive has reduced a bit. Hope not to make such mistakes in future.
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    i think it is the first few words... he felt tired and did not want to do anything because he was exhausted. but women do this all the time. they are even more horny then men but they convinced us that WE are the one's who always want sex which is not true
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    My Journal
    Thanks for sharing :)
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    Finally!!! Someone that truly understands the meaning of self love. You must be a very strong emotional person to come at this conclusion this early on your journey. Cool. I totally get your actions. everything you said makes sense. seems stupid that you lef that beautiful girl but it´s not. not at all. you are just being honest with yourself therefore honest with her. and also you are allowing her to be happy, to find someone that really loves her. Honesty is the only way to achieve your goals in life and true happiness. nothing is easy. I am trying to introduce sex in my life but without ejaculation cause it´s too self demaging. but also edging is not safe so I am trying to learn to control myself to keep an erection without reaching the point of edging therefore avoiding the need to ejaculate. I know it is possible because I was with this girl and i could stay hard for a long time without edging... it just stayed hard for the time i needed. and when i didn´t i went soft on my comand. So I am trying to reproduce that feeling. I just need to find myself even more...deep deep inside.
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    Amazing story! Thank you for sharing this!
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    Guys thanks for the replays! Nope I'm not a troll (for the guy asking).

    It is not that I gave up "such a life"... You cannot define something as
    objectively good, cause we are all trapped in what society tells us is good, and trust me there are not many happy people in these times.

    We have the ones that have been illuded, these ones achieved what society told them would have made them happy, they got there but they feel like they have been fraud (but feeling the need to be rational with them selves they will keep acting the part), and there are also the majority of people in the world that thinks that if they only achieve what other successful people have achieved they will be happy. (and keep in mind that this is a never ending process). You find someone that said that if he get so and so he would be happy, then he got that and tells him self that he now need something more.

    So I do truly believe that it is fundamental for an optimal human experience to get in touch with the moment.

    It won't be easy. Right now I do feel the discomfort, this new situation I put my self in, but at the same time I feel is the right one for me (you'll feel stronger, a voice that says: "This is the real you").

    - Peace of mind is the highest thing there is, when you stop second guessing, and you do what you know is right for you, even though to others don't make sense. You'll need to move in that direction one step at the time.

    No body can know the answer you seek. It is the same things with pornography and masturbation, you think you'll be better off once you have done it, but is that was the case, how come you didn't feel better last time you did it? Is it hard to do? nope, if your reasonings were right everybody should be happy. (as for any other addiction, that illude you that you'll be happy after one more shot).
    Is not that a example of free will? something tempting kicks in, you can go with it, or start exercise your Willpower.

    There is the maximum pleasure to act not from compulsive need (society or whatever pressure) but from your selves, you will only know your self in your entire life, so at least listen to it. Bullshit everybody if you have to, but don't do it to your self.
  9. AndreaM

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    what is a looser? I had never met one.
    I met many people that think they are, but if I think I can fly it doesn't make true that I can fly. isn't it so?

    The argumentations here can be very big. But let's supposed you are, and you have innumerable problems, adding more doesn't do you any good. Our mind loves to keep us down).
    Do what you can with what you have. But don't waste your energies on self criticism or depleting your self of the energy you might have now.
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  10. Garrus

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    I agree with this, don't be hard on yourself. I personally was and still am hard on myself and that is what is destructive! Try, if nothing else, to be realistic. Not everything we perceive as a problem is actually one. Deal with one problem at the time, and have in mind that resolving them will take some time, and that is okay. Because you know what? Its worth it. It can be hard as fuck sometimes yes? Sure but again, nothing will make us more truly happy than beating the shit out of them and freeing out selves for greater good! Keep yourself positive and strong, no one is here to troll, just to help.
  11. AndreaM

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    Guys I did a video to share my achievement and How I feel. I went out, went to the gym, played ping pong with some a friend and I said to my self that I was ready to talk in front of the camera.
    It is not the best video (I Know) but for me being naturally shy or not liking cameras (except for the last days) it is really a good achievement. Listen all and give some advice if you have some. THANKS!

  12. AndreaM

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    Yesterday I did another crazy thing, went to a club with my friend and my confidence was like stellar High.
    I could stare people into the eyes (being girl or boys) and just being completely present and I could tell they can feel it.
    We are energy and we react to it (even though sometimes we do not realize it consciously).

    I'm very happy of that.

    Than I went alone to another Disco and I was scared of going, I was thinking of leaving in front of the entrance, but then when I went in, I realized all my fear where imaginary and mental. Everybody was having their good time, and I did as well met a girl spoke to her and then left after a bit (the only reason I went was not for girls or get laid or something) just to challenge my self to go.
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    Hey I used to be alone and single most of my life, dreaming of having a girlfriend, feeling inferior. Then I finally got with a 9 for about 3 years. When me and her went out to clubs/bars etc I was the subject of every guys envy, but in reality I wasn't that happy. One of the main reasons I stayed with her that long was because I thought I would be an idiot to break up with her. What OP says is true, people envy all these things they don't have like beautiful girls and money, and the few that are able to get these things realize that they don't truly make you happy, and that is a depressing feeling. And everyone else assuming you are happy when you're not adds even more to the depression.
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  14. AndreaM

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    So guys moving forward... I see improvement everyday, always feeling better one with my self it is really incredibile.
    Went out Saturday night and I killed it. Could have done one girl I like but still didn't feel was right for the short time I broke up, I could but I would like to feel free from any attachment of my ex. (Still about 2 weeks).
    I didn't drink any and I was the light of the party, for real. I have been always the outgoing guy, but some days I had problem communicate and be active (you know, when you feel like something is off in your head?). It is almost every time that I am 100%, I'm eating less, far more order in my house, I'm scared to touch girls because the feel me (it is really like having super powers, don't underestimate this, girls are much more sensitive to energy than you are).

    So... was pretty cool no alcohol at all no drugs, it amaze me how others need all this stuff to loose them self because they are
    tangled inside. (I'm totally against drugs, I can see alcohol, but I don't approve when it is use because you don't have power over you fear, it can be a quick solution, but can't be the thing you rely on)

    As always, sorry for my english writing this, just showered after the Gym (brazilian JiuJitsu) at 11PM.

    thanks for reading, peace.
  15. AndreaM

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    A bit of today, I will improve my english, today it has been amazing.

    I'm feeling an happiness that I've never felt before. Hope it will going this way

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  16. AndreaM

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    So my days are going by. I'm not ever tired, or at least I get tired when I should feel tired.
    My Eye contact make people melt, that's why I wear glasses LOL.
    Can't touch or look to someone too much.

    Thinking about getting a massage degree as well, something to be usefull as an hobby.
    The book is lit and the blog / service site is going to help a lot of people, cause I know where I come from and I can help.

    FINALLY! ( I will never, hopefully, go back)

  17. khan_zada

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    I am on my 14th day now, things getting better but wet dreams fearing me a lot, my real hurdle in the long run is wet dream now, what u guys wud suggest in order to bringing them down
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