A scientific Christian theory on popping the cherry

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Joshua The Christian, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Joshua The Christian

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    Okay so I know that everyone on here has different beliefs so if you aren't a Christian don't hate, but I AM a Christian so I interpret things from my word view and from what I think is correct.
    For those of you still reading and if you believe in the God of the Christian Bible consider this...
    You probably know that in the Bible the shedding of blood represents making a covenant (the Blood of Jesus is our new covenant, Abraham made a covenant with the priest Melchizedek walking through a split animal, the Old Testament covenant sacrifice system , the Passover lamb ect)
    Anyways if you believe in intelligent design (which I do) then God puts little signs all around us in science and nature that point to Him and his wisdom.
    Well consider this: You know how the first time you have sex with a girl and she loses her virginity she typically bleeds? (Known by most of us as popping her cherry)
    Well I argue that God MADE IT THIS WAY ON PURPOSE because when that girl's blood is shed a covenant is being made between you and that girl to be together forever because Biblically you should only have sex with your spouse and lose your virginity to your spouse which would mean that you made a covenant with her by popping her cherry.
    When you add that to your perspective it really can change how we view taking a girls virginity or even looking at porn in general.
    Anyways thanks for reading, even if you're not a Christian.
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  2. Agoodguy

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    I'm a Christian. I didn't know that but thanks for sharing. That explanation actually makes sense.
  3. Fringe

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    im a christian and i see ur point of view. i wish i could have popped a girls cherry when i was young. but no id rather have fapped
  4. Joshua The Christian

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    Yeah I wish I could've done better too. I'm glad God looks past our faults and sees our need!
  5. bken

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    That is wisdom. I'm also Christian but unfortunately I've had multiple bed partners. I took the virginity of two girls as an adolescent. Which makes me a fornicator. I never dumped them or anything but it does make me feel bad now that I fully understand how it must offend God. I now sincerely believe that sex is reserved for married couples and that the time before marriage is meant to decide whether you want to marry and have kids (and therefore have sex).

    Hope to marry a good wife some day. I'd now personally advise anyone to first discern, then wed. "Do you really like that person?" That's what the time before marriage is for. Making up your mind. Sex creates a bond. Husband and wife become one. In the Bible somewhere it says that whoremongers and whores become one. Awful. Thankfully God forgives. If He didn't most of us if not all of us would be done for.

    Virginity is a beautiful thing. Nowadays most people don't really care about it and getting rid of it is sometimes considered an achievement. Perhaps when we find out the truth we regret that we ever gave it away, especially to the wrong person.
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  6. Joshua The Christian

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    That right there is probably why we are addicted so bad. We have in our mind masturbated to so many porn starts and girls from around us that we fantazise about and each one we made a mental bond so over time we have boned to hundreds if not thousands of females mentally and here we end up.

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