A very attractive woman said yes to coffee with me....help me thru the next week guys

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by RobinCoenBrosFan, Aug 30, 2019.

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    We don’t have a definite date yet tho cuz we just met—I’m gonna contact her Sunday evening and come up with a time and place. Until then, though, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with PMO (or any time an attractive girl takes a liking to me; I guess I’m just like every other guy in that regard) I have a hunch I’ll perform much better on this date if I abstain from it (she won’t sense any anxiety/worry), but all I’m asking from you guys is for your support of my porn abstinence thru this week.

    I restricted a famous porn website I won’t name on my iPad and haven’t gone back and restored it yet, so that should be progress.
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    Great to hear that. Hope you'll have a good time together :)

    Isn't the prospect of seeing her motivation to abstain rather than relapse?
  3. RobinCoenBrosFan

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    Personally not for me, because I’m the type of person who tends to always be eager to enjoy the end result/reward as opposed to the process and ground work. This is a flaw I’m aware of that I’m working on. But about this girl in particular, maybe it’s because I just met her, but while she seems nice, I get kind of a bland personality vibe. The main reason why I’m about to make a date is because she’s hot, but also bcuz she’s friendly. Time will tell when it approaches closer.
  4. So what happened?

    It’s been my observation that if a definite date and time aren’t set at the first mention of a get together it never happens.
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    She never responded when I DM’d her. The very first time I met her I said “we should go out for coffee sometime” and she said “sure, that’d be great” and I got her social media info. So about three days later I DM’d her profile (I didn’t feel comfortable asking for her number yet) and set up a definite date, time and place. No response.

    They say to wait two days, idk.

    I think I’m under a curse (not really though, haha)
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  6. Yeah I can relate with that thought about being cursed when it comes to women. I've been trying hard to get out of that negative mindset. We just have to keep getting out there and meet more women while doing constructive things we enjoy.
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    Time to swallow the Red Pill and learn about female nature.
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    It's a numbers game man. I work in sales, you can't close the deal with everyone, thus you need to speak to more prospective buyers \ females.

    Keep asking girls for coffee dont get hung up on one.
  9. RobinCoenBrosFan

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    I’m not. That’s why I’m moving on from this one in particular. Just assumed she wasn’t interested anymore and got on with my life. I totally get what you’re saying tho.

    To be fair, I have suffered from a mild case of “oneitis” recently, with a coworker, who has a boyfriend already, but that’s why I’m asking out other ones, to not get hung up on THAT one.
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  11. Di.Do.555

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    Bro why not wait for after your reboot before your try with women.
    Women will notice and appreciate you more if u are fully calibrated.
    I am talking from experience.
    Day 28 and onwards girls are noticing me more. I even had a girl asking me out. Go figure.
  12. Ferns

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    Women sell they souls to successful or gonna be successful dudes. Point blank period.
  13. Informius

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    Well you seem to have a realistic and healthy view with women

    *sarkasm off*
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    Stick and move man, stick and move.

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